Thursday, 14 March 2013

Wonder Forest warns of End of GFC | Post Share

Hi guys,
Scrolling through my blog feed I just came upon Wonder Forest's post on Google's decision to end Google Reader and - as an extension of that - that the Google Friend Connect Widget which most of you follow me on (and I use to follow all my subscriptions!) is probably going to be taken out of use soon too! *dramatic gasp*
Firstly, if you think this will effect you then please head over to her post HERE where she explains it all fully. 
Next step: cry. Then mop up those tears and choose a new method of following the blogs that you love. Even if GFC is not being taken away immediately (although as she explains, it looks very ominous for its chances) it would never be a bad idea having a back up now, just in case the change is brought on very suddenly.
Wonder Forest suggests checking out Bloglovin and Feedly, and says 

"Feedly let's you automatically transfer your Google Reader subscriptions over. Bloglovin' also set up a tool that lets you transfer your subscriptions over too!
If you are as unhappy about this as most of us are, you can sign this petition to try to get Google to continue running the service. "

Sounds useful! I'm going to look up Feedly in a minute (I've never heard of this blog reader before!) and theeeeen I'm going to think about future blog posts - because I'm aware this doesn't quite count!
Hope you're all well 
Rachael XX

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