Saturday, 21 July 2012

No more Ombre! Schwarzkopf LIVE COLOR XXL Review

Here as promised is a post on dying my hair. Until Monday night my hair was dark brown ombred to an auburny blondey brown at the ends. (There's really no exact colour I can say.. It changed depending on the lighting!) You probably know this already from photos on my blog posts! I had wanted ombre hair for the past couple of years, but it wasn't until late March this year that I finally took the plunge and got my friend to help me do it, DIY style.
Recently however I decided to go very dark, taking a leaf out of Snow White's book (Well, she had a new film made about her starring Chris Hemsworth what do you expect!)
My hair dye of choice was Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL. For weeks I have been checking out the available black hair dyes in Boots, and I've been reading reviews online. This one boasts its shine quality, and as I got it in colour 99: Deep Black, I was sure of the intensity I was going to get. 
My hair is quite long and thick, and from past experience I've known dye to run out, so I thought ahead and got two boxes! I've the experience of using 3 boxes of dye previous to this, each time from a different brand, and so I can safely tell you that this is just as easy to use as any other. Mix the color creme into the applicator bottle, shake and go! This bottle is actually handy, in that instead of snapping off the top of the applicator bottle you unscrew it! (Genius) This means if you have any colour left over you can save it for either checking you didn't miss a spot, or for re-doing your roots. I put extra dye on the ombred section of my hair. I wasn't sure what the result would be (if the ends would actually go black) - but luckily for me this worked, and they are as black as the rest. Unlike other brands, you use the entire tube of conditioner provided with it - although this can only be good for your hair. My hair is indeed a shiny deep black, so it does what it says on the bottle! 
I would say 'I'll be using this brand again' - but really I don't know where my hair journey shall next take me! But I'll keep you updated along the way! :)

Rachael XX
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  1. Lovely products, and works perfectly. I use it already for many years.

    1. Hi Mary. Thanks for your comment! I'm glad I tapped into something that was worth it then haha! It can get confusing with the number of hair dyes out there!


  2. Did this fade or wash out later on, or stay a true deep black?

    1. Hi there!
      Like all 'permanent' hair dyes, the colour will naturally fade - due to washing - after 6-8 weeks - as was the case with this hair dye. For me, the colour then changed to a very dark brown. Now, 5 months later my hair is medium brown, having not done anything else to it. If you want to keep up an intense colour, you need to keep re-dying it every 6-8 weeks. As I was just looking for a change from my lightened ombred ends, this was never my plan
      Thanks for your comment! Rachael


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