Thursday, 14 June 2012

HAUL: Primark, Topshop, Internationale, Whittard

Hello! I thought I'd post a collective haul for you today. I'm a little late posting this in that all the purchases are at least a week old.. but you don't care! I'm not really sure how much interest this will get, but I love seeing other people's shopping haha!

Primark: You either love it or hate it. For me, when accepting the quality and losing any high expectations for survival rate of clothes past a year, I can look past this and appreciate the really nice things they have! Currently there is waaaay too many of these, and I had to really control myself!

Okay so my first Primark purchase was a summery tea-dress. It is black with flamingos everywhere and is one of those wardrobe pieces which just makes you feel happy! The material is quite sheer - but as it's dark you don't see through it when it's on. I love the collar detail which borders on a preppy style.. and the price! £10. woop!
My other Primark goodie was a maxi skirt. Up until buying this I didn't own any, and it was my friend's interest in them which made me try one on! And I love it! It is a really nice material.. more polyester than cotton, and was also £10

Next was a long-wanted Topshop purchase: one of their iconic zippy hoodies. Many people have these, they are reasonably basic and in a nice selection of colours. But this is nice basic. Like they feel almost like felt! But as you may be able to see from the last photo, the material is quite thin (good for throwing on in colder summer days) and a thread has already come loose! I like the contrasting white zip and hood cords, and the little white flecks on the grey hoodie. I practically have not taken this off since buying it! One thing I have found though, is that the hoodie has started to stretch.. I think this is because I always put my hands in the front pockets and sort of push outwards (thus stretching the material!) Not a good idea rachael! This is a habit I must break. I have also heard that wearing Topshop hoodies with a backpack makes the back all bobbly. 
... As much as I seem to be complaining, I'm not! I love this purchase! It was £26 - though only £23.40 with their 10% student discount!

So, first from Internacionale I have a summery cotton dress with three-way straps. They can go halter neck, razor-back or normal. My preference is razor back. There is buttons at the back to attach the straps to, and it is very easy. This was in the sale, for only £7 - wow! I love the colours and the shape when wearing it, and it is a good summery dress. The only issue is that they had my size, but my boobs are sort of too big for it..slightly. So I have the awkward look like you could potentially burst out the chest or wear it open with a vest top and look slightly suggestive issue! We have all been there.. I'm working on it!
My other purchase from here is some sunglasses! I am quite picky with sunglasses as I strongly dislike wrap-around glasses and more circular bug-eye effect ones. But these are oversised squarish lenses with a pink tint, and I love the leg detail. These were £2.50 - also reduced.


This is a pretty boring one! Just new setting powder from the Natural Collection at Boots. This is £1.99 and I got the shade neutral for my more tanned summery look.

Anything I get from Sainsburies translates to what I add to my mum's shopping list! 

Firstly, the film Bridesmaids. This was £5 which is a good price to stock up on dvds at! I was supposed to watch this with my good friend Karen (I know she may be reading this..) but as we are re-scheduling I decided to go ahead and watch it myself first because I needed some cheering up today. Bad plan! The main theme of this film pretty much paralleled my own life problems, so it was like watching a sad reflection of this, but with a happy ending. I have yet to get my happy ending, but fingers crossed! *Not all films have happy endings though.. I saw Promethius at the cinema on Monday, and only one person survives to the end of the film! And I'm certain she was emotionally scarred for life haha*
Sorry Karen. I shall watch it again with you! Nevertheless, this was a good movie, and I'd recommend it to chick-flick fanatics! My only irk with this is the cover.. The bride and bridesmaids have completely different dresses in the film. WHY?

Next, magazines: Cosmo and Red. Cosmo is always my magazine of choice. This month it came with a choice of 3 sunglasses for £3.50. I got very dark black ones which I'm yet to wear. Red was £3.90, and its free gift dissapointed me because the Jemma Kidd mascara clumps so easily! 

Image from

Whittard: A 125 year old maker of fine tea, coffee and hot chocolate. I am OBSESSED with their Pear & Guava instant tea. Literally the best thing on the planet. I am yet to venture into other flavours, but the likes of Pink Lemonade sound promising! A 475g pot is £5.50 or 3 for £15

.. There we go! I am so sorry for the length of my rambling haul! Please tell me in the comments if you get to the end! 
Rachael xx

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  1. Yum, that tea sounds amazing! Love the coral maxi, my favourite summer colour.
    Mel x

    1. I can't lie - it is good! And all of their extensive range of instant teas can be drunk hot, or as a cold summer punch over ice which I'm yet to give a go. I originally thought the maxi would clash with my hair (My hair is currently dark brown ombred to light browny/strawberry blonde ends) - but it looks really good! Statement colours are great for summer! :)
      Thanks for commenting!

      rach x

  2. Hey great haul! I loved bridesmaids its absolutely hilarious!!! I'm just about to do a superdrug haul on my blog, as you said you liked to see what other people buy, well im the same hehe

    Jen xxx

    1. It is hilarious, you're right! I'm really glad I got it! I also picked up Blue Valentine recently which I forgot to add in - One word: Ryan Gosling (well, that's two words..)
      I'm definitely going to check out your haul!

      rachael xxx

  3. Love Bridesmaids! Such a good film! I'm big Primark fan when I find things I like, but it seems that I'll either go in and see a shop full of things I want (normally when I'm broke) or I'll find absolutely nothing I fancy buying! x

    1. I always find so many things when I have no money! And also think of loads of things I need at these times too! haha. So when I get money it is generally used up very quickly on something without much thought into how best spent! Something I need to work on!

      Rach x


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