Wednesday, 23 May 2012

"What do you think...?"


Okay, we have all been there at the receiving end of the phrase "what do you think...?" This is genuinely one of my most hated phrases! Why, you ask? Simply because of what comes afterwards. 
This phrase is not used lightly, especially among groups of girls who always 'need' to check that they conform to the invisible regulations and constraints that embodies being one of them. Thinking about it, it is rather strange, the desperate desires we all face to 'fit in' - especially within our friendship circles. Surely this should be the one place that everyone accepts the true 'you'. But what is you? You, I guess, is what is created by years of observation, adjusting and conditioning that comes about as a result of choosing the people you wish to hang out with, and trying your best to be the best that you can for them - whilst making sure that you don't stray too far from the flock... or mob mentality, shall we say. (Lets take two-toned makeup phases as an example - why any woman would wish to flaunt a tanned face whilst her neck remains untouched is beyond me; but I have generally seen such anomalies in small packs)

Anyway, as a result of this strong desire to harmonise with one's friends, it is ever inevitable that the phrase "what do you think...?" shall be bounced back and forth rather frequently. Forgetting the fact that we don't always need to get a second (or third or fourth or four-hundreth) opinion on small matters, such as whether a side fringe or full fringe would be best (because let's face it - all full front fringes are eventually swept to the side..), WILL THIS PERSON EVEN LISTEN TO YOUR OPINION?
That is what I ask myself before answering one of these unwelcome invitations to judge another's dilemma (that is pressure for a start) - however inconsequential. Infact, especially if it is inconsequential. Because from my experience, the more inconsequential the matter, the more likely that this person - no matter the level of closeness to me - shall do the opposite of what I say. And I find this rather offensive.
It's like a blatant defiance of your opinion, of your reasoning, and, often, of the thought that you actually put into your damned answer! It makes me want to hit them...figuratively. (Let's not promote violence on the internet)

Image from

I get around this matter by attempting reverse psychology. I don't seem very good at this. Because I find it hard to give reasons for doing something when I very clearly believe the exact opposite (I would never have made the debating team). So they just do what I disagree with anyway! 
I'm not saying that this always happens - matters of more discrepancy and holding, for example, are often asked by people who thirst for some guidance. And often yours will be as good as any. Perhaps the key factor playing is the question of are they ACTUALLY asking for your advice.. or is something else going on?
My guess is the second. Do my moobs look big in this? - you are trying to point out that you a) have some hefty moobage b) have the potential to show them off and make all the other men jelly. You don't want them to say 'no' (pure cheek!) or 'yes..maybe don't wear so tight a top..' (moobs on tour)  - so what is even the point in asking? Why not just tell them the facts, encourage some jealousy and admiration that way - we all like to boost our egos - and save the bother of forcing the awkward "what do you think...?" line onto another poor soul.

It's not like I'm a saint.. I do this too. And I do try to conform - to my friends, to my school yeargroup, to my generation, and to society, but at least I can see the issue that is present - it's probably true that the first step to recovery is admitting it. I have a very recent example, actually, regarding the state of my living accommodation next year for University. I wanted to be in Student halls (nothing else would do!) - and when issues arose with this, I refused my parents' suggestion of renting a flat with other first years ("but I have no friends that will live with me!!") until all my other options ran out, and I practically presented this solution to my parents.. I wonder if they recognised whose idea it truly was in the first place. People don't always like being told what to do - funny when you have asked another's opinion to start with - and so occasionally you just feel the need to break loose and do it your way. 

This is fair enough.. but remember, if you have a tendency to oppose others' opinions and demonstrate your individuality through an adversity to taking advice, then don't ask for it. Don't be that person.


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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Revision hints & tips!

Okay, so I'm the first to say I am BAD at revising. Around 8 months ago I had to give a pep talk on exam revision to a class of younger pupils, and this morning I came across the list of points I'd made. These are all good points to preach - however, how many of them I actually do is significantly fewer haha.

But! In an attempt to motivate myself as well this study leave I am going to share this little guide to revision. It may be a bit too late for some of them.. but better late than never!

Image from

1) Find out what type of learner you are. Eg visual - you will revise best doing a visual activity such as making bright posters and displaying them round your house. this is something I find deeply useful!

2) Make revision schedules.....and stick to them (I'm good at making them, and in fact can spend several days on this procrastination activity. But you must do what it says!)

3) Don't revise one subject over the top - remember to space it out and give around an equal amount to all your subjects - including the ones you hate!

4) Equally, don't put off your worst subject. This will just make it an even more tricky obstacle for you come exams

5) Revise in the holidays. During the school term you often find yourself too busy with homework to revise. So put some thought and consideration into how you spend youer holidays - at the very least take the time  to organise all your notes

6) For prelims (which happen in Scotland anyway...) / practice exams, don't do full past papers, but only focus on singular questions - you won't have covered the entire course making this tricky, and its best to keep past papers for just before your actual exams.

7) For subjects such as English where you have dramas, plays, or texts, learn quotes! This is much easier than learning entire passages or poems off by heart and can be much quicker to fire back to in your head in the exam

8) Find someone you can revise with, especially before the real exams. This keeps you sane and concentrated, and even better if you're doing the same subject - you can teach eachother what you don't know

9) Make sure you're clued up on key concepts. You need the basic knowledge before you can do anything with it!

10) Library-like environments are much easier to work in. Or work in a classroom with supervision - helping you stay focused

11) Try to work all the way through the year! (Yes, something I always get to this time of year and tell myself would have been so helpful... I'm sure it would be!!)

12) Don't use prelims/practice exams as a way of working out your weaknesses - or class tests. Because all revising is useful later on - and you may need to use these tests and practice exams as evidence for appeals

13) Facebook...You will use it to keep in contact with the real world during study leave, but don't rely on it too much. Instead make secure plans to meet up with friends in person. A LOT of time is collectively wasted by adolescents on facebook!

14) Revise earlier in the day to let it sink in. Often you have more effort when still in your semi-stupor state of having just woken up. Later on your mind drifts easier

15) Procrastination takes all sorts of forms.. If easily distracted by noise wear ear plugs. If visually distracted sit somewhere calm, facing outside if possible. If by the internet (aren't we all?!) then cut down your time! and have an end time to your blogspot reading! 

Image from

Happy revising

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No7 Vital Brights Review


Another day, another load of procrastinating - but uni related so I guess that is okay (maybe).
No7 has had a range of makeup called 'Vital brights' in its stores of late, and I purchased a couple of sale items from this collection to try out.

The first is a lipstick, in the colour 'Blooming Pink'. This is a bright light pink colour that is very smooth to apply, with medium pigmentation. It's quite glossy too! I'd say this is a new favourite of mine - I love the colour, the look, the feel and the wear (because it is a medium coverage and is very glossy with a gel-like feel it does not have that irksome tendency of some lipsticks to deteriorate into a patchy mess - the nature of the colour helps with this too). Also the packaging of both of these products is nice - simple and bright. And I appreciate that the lipstick is rectangular rather than cylindrical (making it easier to stand up)

The second vital brights product is a cream blush in an intense bright pink tone, from the same collection and also called 'Blooming Pink'. It is easy to apply, and too much never comes off on the brush - helping you make a more accurate job of your blush application. The packaging is pretty, and neutral, and its shape makes it an easy item to store. I like this because it has staying power too! And suits the lipstick well, creating a pretty, bright look from these 2 complementary products.

The Vital Brights collection at No7 is available in store and on the website: 


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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Stationary Haul!

Hello! In an attempt to encourage myself to revise I travelled to Blackwells book store for some stationary! I have PINK paper and coloured notecards.

Sadly... No revision was done today. But the night is still young!
so pretaaay!
A little niggle about stationary: SO friggin expensive! For hardly anything! Together these were around £4.00 for a pad of paper and I think 100 record cards. hmm, pricey - but pens and folders are a lot worse! And glue! I think it's best to add this stuff to my mum's shopping list in the future haha

Here's a link to Blackwells: The pink paper pad was reduced in store hence I went a little crazy and got it instead of your basic white.


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6 Beauty items I can't live without!

Self explanatory really.. Here goes! Very photo heavy..

1) Barry M Liquid Eyeliner in black. Let me tell you, I have tried every liquid liner out there! Ever since being introduced to liquid liners by my gran around four years ago (when she gave me a Loreal Carbon Gloss Super Liner from her Marie Claire) I have been enthralled by this medium of makeup. I've also conditioned myself to make the perfect flick at the corner of my eye. Happily - I still get so many comments from girls my age asking how to do this! (PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. At home, over your day's makeup before you go to sleep.) It is my humble opinion that winged eyeliner is a must-have..for my face. Not a day goes by that this does not feature in my makeup look!
Unhappily, this liner is almost IMPOSSIBLE to find. Edinburgh boots and Superdrug stores NEVER have it! But always have a tester.. Sometimes I almost convince myself to just buy that. (Do not do this! Totally minging.) I got this particular one in a Boots in Glasgow. 
What is so super about this particular eyeliner, is the design. Firstly, eyeliner pens run out. They dry up, go crappy at the end, and run out. If your tip is in a pot of eyeliner ink for the whole of its existence, this unhappy tragedy does not occur. Next, the tip itself is of SUPER importance for winged eyeliner. What you want is one that has a point (not one with a nailpolish-style brush), but not a long thin point (like Loreal Carbon Gloss), and it should be reasonably hard and not squishy. Ta da. Perfecto
rrp £4.79
Winged eyeliner

2) Mirrors. To set you straight, I am not horrifically vain or stuck to a mirror the whole of my life! I'm just self-conscious, and always feel better after checking that my makeup is still doing its job. 
Like when I don't have my phone, I feel a little lost without some form of mirror. (They are also very handy for doing my makeup on the bus in the morning)

3) Nailpolish. Nailpolish is not actually permitted at my school.. However, I myself really really dislike plain nails. Can't stand them actually. So I accommodate this by wearing one of what I label my 'school colours' (Pretty much any nudey pinky light colour, or one that sparkles. Still very much against school rules)
I'm not against chipped nails either, and although probably quite tacky looking, this is the state of play with my nails most of the time haha!
Being so much of a Boots ADDICT that I may as well have my own key to their stores, I got a £5 No7 voucher recently with my receipt, so went in a few days ago with my friend to spend it. Almost always upon being presented with one of these vouchers I spend it on either nail polish or lipstick. This time it was nails.
No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in 260 'Perky'
Some of my No7 Polish collection
I decided last night to paint my nails - using the colour over a basecoat. Unfortunately, I cannot find my top coat! (Having last seen it on a sofa..hmm)
Sadly my nails had little time to dry - or be painted neatly to be honest - when I was whisked out to a restaurant with my family. Bad timing

4) Makeup wipes. Another essential! I hate using cotton wool and liquid makeup remover.. worse still is trying to take makeup off with water (Because lets face it, that only spreads the issue around your face more..) So makeup wipes? A MUST. These ones by Kleenex are the best I have come across in a loooong time! And I go through them like crazy. So I stocked up...
I buy mine at Sainsburies Just now there is an offer!
Eco friendly AND good for my face? Marvellous idea
I'll let you in on a secret... This is half of the packs I own

5) Dental Hygiene. Okay, so maybe not what comes to mind in a beauty tag. But seriously. Having clean feeling and tasting teeth is a requirement for me. And when I brush it is a looong process. Mainly because I like to make sure it's all clean. And then I floss. That takes a while. Can't forget mouthwash! My dentist even recommended this one.

6) Perfume. You are around so many people a day that one great way to make a lasting impression is your scent! And I think it is quite an important one to get right! There are a lot of terrible perfumes out there (I know first hand, from perplexing experiences of my bessie m8 covering me in random disgusting perfumes in shops. I'll get him back one day..) However, each to their own when it comes to scents. To find your perfect scent, experiment! And accept gifts of perfume from people, because they can be super expensive! This is how I found my god-sent scent. Gucci Rush, by Gucci.
Unfortunately for me, even a mere 30ml of this stuff is expensive! And outwith my own general spending.. So when my beloved perfume ran out (around a year and a half ago now..) I cried. Wept for my lost scent. (metaphorically..) As my 18th is coming up, you can be sure this is on my wishlist!
When it comes to perfume, I'd usually recommend Eau de Parfum rather than Eau de Toilette. This is because the scent is stronger and purer and stays around longer. You want a lasting presence woman! And don't go sampling as many perfumes as is physically possible before you collapse from light-headedness. Stay sane.
I keep all my perfumes in a Miss Dior Perfume Box
Some of my favourites
One of my favourite Avon perfumes;jsessionid=000188EwC54pWxDjpYznj_BDwiL:14c4nt8ga
Get into trying perfume samples. This one was offered to me with a purchase in Harvey Nichols

If you have a super beauty item that you cannot live without, share in the comments! I'd love to hear suggestions. :)


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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Too Faced Lashlight Mascara Product Rave


Here I have for you a profession of love from me to a makeup product: 
Too Faced Lashlight Mascara in 'Black Vinyl'
 I would not be showing off by saying that I have tried a lot of makeup, so many different brands, and countless products. Because lets face it - we all do, in the quest to find those single irrefutably perfect ones. And when it comes to eye makeup, I am a bit of a mascara whore. I wouldn't want to count the number of different mascaras I own... lets say around a dozen, that I will occassionally pick up and try out for a look. Mascara is tricky: do you want a traditional wand, or one with plastic bristles? To curve or not to curve? Lengthen, exaggerate or thicken?!  
.. Well. I have tried them all, and often find one that I'll use for several weeks, when suddenly my love for it vanishes. Last weekend I stumbled across the makeup section of TKMaxx. Not usually one to check out the often obscure products here, I decided that today was the day for a glance. And I'm so glad I did. I picked up a couple of mascaras and a few false eyelashes sets - all bargains at under £4. 

This mascara in particular caught my eye: simply because it lights up! I love quirky makeup, so it had my attention. At £2.90 for a £16.50 product it found its way pretty quickly into my basket. This is my first product by Too Faced.
I cannot stop raving about this product. Firstly, the mirror. Helpful to the max - I often forget a mirror on my travels, and this is big enough to be of use!
Secondly, the light.. When I showed my mum her reaction was simply "Ah, so now you can retouch your mascara in the cinema" No mum..pahaha. But it's fun to switch on! And I guess useful if in dim lighting.
The button on the lid which you click to switch on the light
Next the consistency - this product does not clump AT ALL. Infact, it is one of those 'your eyelashes, but better' products, and totally does the job of lengthening, separating, and darkening, and is really nice to apply.The general packaging is nice too. grown up.

Okay, so do you get how good this mascara is yet? Hope so, and here are some links where you can buy it

rachael xx

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Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Review


Another makeup review: something irrefutably essential to one's makeup bag. UD Primer. This savvy little tube has saved the life of many a makeup look, removed the incessantly approaching threat of creased eyeshadow, and let many a woman feel more confident that her makeup will stay where it should be.
Looking slightly worse for wear...

This little tube of POWER costs around £14.50 (depending on rising inflation!) - in the UK you can find UD in House of Fraser and Debenhams:,default,pd.html
My tube which I am displaying to you is one my friend bought me last June. That's almost a year of almost daily use! And still alive - if not slightly battered, grubby and aesthetically less pleasing that before. This stuff LASTS. You only need the tiniest of amounts per eye - do not make the rookie mistake of squishing loads out! You shall regret it!
Around the amount you need for one eye
As you see it's not coloured! So any eyeshadow goes over it unnoticed
Do not over do it, and be careful where you put it. This thing really helps, and so I use it every day, not just nights out. But put too much on (or mix it with your foundation at the edge of your eyes..) and its noticeable. Less is more!
UD sells 4 eyeshadow primers. To keep things simple, I got the purple packaged one which rubs out to a transparent film. Best tip before buying is to sample it in store - test it on the back of your hand and see if you want one of the more shimmery pigmented ones. I think one day I shall.. But they do limit the colours and textures you can apply on top!

Consider it!

Rach xx

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BodyShop Lip & Cheek Stain Review

Hello Lovelies!

Post publication note: If you're interested in the Bodyshop Lip and Cheek stain please take a look at my updated review here! (but you can go ahead and read this one too!)  

I'm in a blogging mood, so here's another. I have one friend who likes to keep me up to date on the freebies that come out with popular women's magazines - something very welcome to me, as I'm not often in the magazine isle of stores.
Let me set you straight: my favourite magazine is Cosmopolitan - a magazine focused on love, sex, fashion, hair and beauty..and more sex, or so it is attributed by most. But let me tell you, flipping through this magazine is a joy because unlike almost every women's magazine out there (and I have delved into many), this magazine is almost entirely the written word. For a magazine this may not seem strange, but any woman who is a buyer of marie claire, in style, or elle for example will appreciate that most of what they have payed for is model photos and advertisements, substituted by the occasional column. The January issue of Cosmo, which I had close to hand whilst writing this, has 51 articles, spanning from love, sex & success, to news & real life to you you you, amongst an array of cover stories. No wonder it sells big time - thank heaven for written stuff. 

Back to topic (as I'm sure I began to write a review.. haha) This girl friend of mine mentioned that Marie Claire was giving away BodyShop lip & cheek stains this month - a bargain at only £3.70 for a product worth £10. This was quickly added to my mum's shopping list... And a few days later I was the proud owner of the 'Bronze Glimmer' stain. 
I'd never purchased makeup from BodyShop before - though had always been interested in these. (And their super soft kabuki brushes!) But .... I love it! Firstly, I really enjoy having a product that does both my face and lips. As a disorganised teenager, I do my makeup on the bus to school every morning. The regular travellers are not fussed. Other people stare. But I get through this slightly awkward experience by congratulating myself on giving yet another makeup on-the-go tutorial to the people on my bus - soon they shall all be apt at winged eyeliner.
A 2 in 1 product saves time and space in one's makeup bag. This thing also tastes good - it doesn't have a chemically adapted fruity flavour, but what it does taste of is nice. Also, I hate lip gloss. I appreciate it on others, just not me; I cannot stand having sticky lips all day and always end up wiping it off pretty quickly. This limited me to plain lipstick - until the trend of lip stains began. 

A tip for this product: if you apply it directly to your cheeks in a line then buff it in, the line is still there. Faint - but that section of skin is most definitely more pigmented than the rest. And no one loves that. I've got round this by simply applying it to my angled blush brush instead (then applying this to my face.) Ta da!
It comes in another colour too - a bright strong dark pink, called 'Rose Pink'. I think I may be back in the magazine isle picking up that one soon as too! But what I do like about this one is the golden tint to it, which I thought would look too much - but thankfully no.
Okay, so my makeup is quite rushed. I was walking around my house in pajayjays, no makeup and my hair is an unusual style most representative of a pineapple, when in walks a 13 year old boy. This boy was not my brother, but someone I had never seen in my life. So I had to abandon my tea and leg it upstairs. I did work out from the commencing shouted dialogue coming from downstairs that my brother had a friend round - thanks for telling me mum! - and so I quickly made myself look as acceptable as possible and went to rescue my tea.

Rachael XX

Friday, 11 May 2012

What I should be doing...

Hello world
You should know that the reason I have a blog all of a sudden is that I am first and foremost a procrastinator. I don't mean to be.. But as any of you who procrastinate for a living will know, it is very tempting and in fact inevitable to have sudden new interests come obsessions, at certain points in your life. Such as at exams..
Being in the last year of high school, May is such a time for me. So I'm blogging. And reading blogs. And watching youtube, and buying magazines, and shopping and spending entire days with my friends. study? No thanks! My first (of three) exams is on the 25th, if you're interested.. So expect a whoooole lot more blogging before then! 
Currently I'm also waiting for my camera battery to charge so I can plug it into my computer and rescue some photos I took this morning for beauty product reviews.. for afterall, this was what this blog was supposed to be for pahaha! 
I like to chat.

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Creativity is sweet


So a few years ago I had a dilemma. I'd been shopping and picked up two bounties - the milk chocolate one and the dark chocolate one; but just one was for me.. the other for my dad. The Dilemma: which to have? Having pondered for a wee while I cut each in half (the benefit of there being two bars in a packet) and stuck opposing sides of each bar to that of the other bar.

Immediately very impressed with myself and the resulting products, I took this photo and decided to email Bounty chocolate makers and suggest they make this commercial! (I think at this point I was still in a semi-arrogant I've-just-achieved-great-things sort of a mood) Except I had to email Mars, because Bounty is owned by them.
To jump forward a few days, the reply was that Mars do all their commercial and technical thinky stuff themselves, so to leave them be.

Well.. I still think they're missing out on a great opportunity. Do you? :)

Rach xx

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