Wednesday, 18 July 2012

No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick Review

My second in an upcoming tirade of reviews! Last week I was in a Boots whilst on holiday, and remembered I had a £5 No7 voucher to be used by Sunday 15th July. So in I went! I chose to splurge a little more and pick up a Lipstick from their Stay Perfect collection. It is my fourth No7 lipstick (remember Blooming Pink Vital Brights lipstick from THIS post?) and in my limited experience I have found I prefer the staying power and wear of my Stay Perfect #75 Gay Geranium lipstick (a vivid dark orange!) to that of my Moisture Drench #90 Waterlilly one (- although this is a fabulous salmon pink shade). 
So, having swatched most of their Stay Perfect lipsticks, I chose #55 Glace. Unfortunately for me I had left my voucher on my dressing table at home.. woops! But in my defense I would pay £10 for this lipstick all over again!
The colour of this lipstick is at first tricky to deduce. In the shop lighting, it was quite a strong medium purple, something I've never previously owned. A few hours later I applied it in a cafe bathroom. Confused, I texted one of my friends: 'This is really not as purple as I thought! I put loads on and it hasn't made a difference!' Then, I went outside: 'Oh WOW, this is definitely as purple as I thought..haha I went a bit overboard there..' (profusive rubbing in then took place) 
In daylight this is a medium purple with pink and gold undertones. Indoor natural lighting makes it out as more of a mauve, whilst flourescent lighting brings out its rose gold side. This made it quite tricky to get photos for you! However, it looks really good on, and livens up your makeup look without taking the focus away from your eyes. Hooray! A new favourite.

Rachael Xx
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  1. Love the colour. It's kindof natural but also 'vivid' hahah what am I saying? It looks so nice on you :) x

    1. Hey Rachael! Thank you! Yeh I know, it's difficult to describe haha! At times it does manage to take on a natural persona which I really like! X

  2. Haha, that's something I hate about makeup - how it can look completely different, depending on the light! I usually apply mine in the bathroom in the mornings and look nice and healthy, but when I go into the room where I keep my clothes I look white as a ghost, so apply more blush/bronzer....only to go outside and catch sight of myself in the car mirror and I look the complete opposite! Argh! I still don't know which one to trust, haha.
    This colour looks so lovely on you, I've never tried anything of a similar shade but I really like it!
    Mel xx

    1. It's irritating, isn't it haha! Thank you Mel! I like that it's a wearable purpley colour - I never go too bold on my lips or mega self-consciousness switches on! XX


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