Friday, 6 July 2012

Seven wants ..

This is the fourth of the 10 Day Challenge posts, and the first of the ones my best friend is publishing for me! So if you can read this then he deserves congratulations for coping with my blogspot! Although he still deserves a slap for the "yes, i am a lesbian" post which appeared in the blog feed a few days ago.. Just to clarify, no I am not although I have nothing against lesbians. hahaha. 
Seven wants:
1. For silky shiny healthy hair. My hair is currently DIY ombred and above that the 'natural' dark brown colour is actually dye! Eek. It's close to my natural root colour though. Basically, this just means my hair is in very bad condition. Sitting through the hairdressers' recently was a teeth-grinding experience. I felt so judged! It was like my split ends just wanted to reveal themselves. And the sound the brush was making when she was trying to brush it through...
2. The Sleek Storm Eyeshadow Palette. Let me tell you, I have a hefty amount of makeup! But watching Youtube hauls and Blogger reviews EVERY DAY just makes me lust after so many makeup and beauty items! This is just the one at the top of my head right now.. I need you in my life!
3. To be fluent in Italian. Well. For this one I first need to begin learning Italian.. But I have learnt Latin, and I aim to one day learn its modern form!
4. To move out for uni. This is a long struggle I've been facing over the past few months, and I'm not sure I'll win! I would really love some independence though, and I think moving in with other students is a great way to get quickly absorbed into the student lifestyle
5. To travel! I haven't been abroad many times, and would really really like to experience more cultures!
6. To see my Grandpa and my dog again. I'm lucky to have not lost a lot of loved ones, but it still makes me sad that my Grandpa hasn't been able to watch my grow up as a teenager and become an adult. I have lots of memories with him, but it would be great to be able to hang out with him one more time. My dog was called Sarah, and became a part of my family just before I did! As a child I thought of her as my 'sister' and used to share a lot of my food with her
7. To have a bright future ahead of me. Adults say this to teens all the time. So I hope that I will grab all the opportunities presented to me with both hands, and make it so!

Okay, I think I need a genie!
Rachael Xx


  1. I love reading these sorts of posts :)
    Mel x

    1. Ah me too Mel! Although I'm in dire need of a review or two! Hopefully tomorrow :)


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