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BodyShop Lip & Cheek Stain Review

Hello Lovelies!

Post publication note: If you're interested in the Bodyshop Lip and Cheek stain please take a look at my updated review here! (but you can go ahead and read this one too!)  

I'm in a blogging mood, so here's another. I have one friend who likes to keep me up to date on the freebies that come out with popular women's magazines - something very welcome to me, as I'm not often in the magazine isle of stores.
Let me set you straight: my favourite magazine is Cosmopolitan - a magazine focused on love, sex, fashion, hair and beauty..and more sex, or so it is attributed by most. But let me tell you, flipping through this magazine is a joy because unlike almost every women's magazine out there (and I have delved into many), this magazine is almost entirely the written word. For a magazine this may not seem strange, but any woman who is a buyer of marie claire, in style, or elle for example will appreciate that most of what they have payed for is model photos and advertisements, substituted by the occasional column. The January issue of Cosmo, which I had close to hand whilst writing this, has 51 articles, spanning from love, sex & success, to news & real life to you you you, amongst an array of cover stories. No wonder it sells big time - thank heaven for written stuff. 

Back to topic (as I'm sure I began to write a review.. haha) This girl friend of mine mentioned that Marie Claire was giving away BodyShop lip & cheek stains this month - a bargain at only £3.70 for a product worth £10. This was quickly added to my mum's shopping list... And a few days later I was the proud owner of the 'Bronze Glimmer' stain. 
I'd never purchased makeup from BodyShop before - though had always been interested in these. (And their super soft kabuki brushes!) But .... I love it! Firstly, I really enjoy having a product that does both my face and lips. As a disorganised teenager, I do my makeup on the bus to school every morning. The regular travellers are not fussed. Other people stare. But I get through this slightly awkward experience by congratulating myself on giving yet another makeup on-the-go tutorial to the people on my bus - soon they shall all be apt at winged eyeliner.
A 2 in 1 product saves time and space in one's makeup bag. This thing also tastes good - it doesn't have a chemically adapted fruity flavour, but what it does taste of is nice. Also, I hate lip gloss. I appreciate it on others, just not me; I cannot stand having sticky lips all day and always end up wiping it off pretty quickly. This limited me to plain lipstick - until the trend of lip stains began. 

A tip for this product: if you apply it directly to your cheeks in a line then buff it in, the line is still there. Faint - but that section of skin is most definitely more pigmented than the rest. And no one loves that. I've got round this by simply applying it to my angled blush brush instead (then applying this to my face.) Ta da!
It comes in another colour too - a bright strong dark pink, called 'Rose Pink'. I think I may be back in the magazine isle picking up that one soon as too! But what I do like about this one is the golden tint to it, which I thought would look too much - but thankfully no.
Okay, so my makeup is quite rushed. I was walking around my house in pajayjays, no makeup and my hair is an unusual style most representative of a pineapple, when in walks a 13 year old boy. This boy was not my brother, but someone I had never seen in my life. So I had to abandon my tea and leg it upstairs. I did work out from the commencing shouted dialogue coming from downstairs that my brother had a friend round - thanks for telling me mum! - and so I quickly made myself look as acceptable as possible and went to rescue my tea.

Rachael XX


  1. I got this tint too, It took me ages to find a blog post on this shade as everyone seems to have the pink one! I need to try this again soon, I didn't really do anything with it when I first got it!

    Becky :)

    1. Ah, well after trying this I got the pink one too! haha. You should! I've gone through periods of using them a lot and not using them at all - I need to start using mine again too!
      Thank you for following Becky! I'll take a peep at your blog!

      Rachael :) xxx

    2. I might do, I love the look of it from reviews/photos I have seen! :) No problem, I really like your blog!

      Thanks :) xxx


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