Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Eyelure Dylash: Eyelash and brow dye kit Review

Having dyed my hair black, one immediate issue was apparent: my eyebrows were brown. So off I went to Boots to pick up one of these
I have never used Dylash before, but found it surprisingly easy. The instructions for use on brows is similar to those for lash dying to begin - mixing small amounts of the cream colour with the activating solution in the little plastic dish, but has a much quicker (and safer! think hydrogen peroxide near your eye ball..) application process, using a little plastic spooley. It only takes two minutes to develop, and then you wash it off. 
The result: Well I was going to take a before and after shot but forgot! sorry. You can see from photos on other blog posts that my eyebrows were a medium brown, and now they are black.
This product costs £7.50 from Boots, but has up to 16 applications - each lasting for up to 45 days - so in retrospect not too expensive for what it's worth!

Rachael XX
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  1. I've been thinking about dying my brows for a while. Seems like a great product! X

    1. It's very easy to use! I've only come across the black version of this product - I'm not sure if they have other shades too (probably because it's primarily intended for darkening lashes)
      Dyeing eyebrows always reminds me of Drippy from the movie 'Wild Child' and her absolute disaster with them haha

      Rachael X

  2. I haven't died my hair in over a year, but when I used to, I dyed both hair and brows with the same dye. Never any issue, but that said I dont seem to have sensitive skin etc. :)


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