Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Where's Rachael? Come find me!

Hello dear internet friends!

I am both happy and a little sad to announce that this is the last post here on rivasoave, my little blog baby of the last one 
and a half years. This may not be surprising to my followers who haven't heard from me in MONTHS! (sorry  ) ....... but I'm not quitting blogging altogether!
The last few weeks I've been working on creating a new blog, and it's finally up and running! 
Yes! My new blog is named 'Wake Up Aurora' and you can find it HERE or by clicking my profile and getting the link there. Unlike rivasoave which was focused solely on makeup and beauty, this is a lifestyle blog, of a grown up nature (now that I'm a dab hand at this blogging business) and you shall see a wider variety of posts on there. I hope you guys click over and comment and subscribe, and I'm looking forwarding to getting back to interacting with you all again.
Love, Rachael.