About Me

Who am I?
As the blogger profile says, I am an Eighteen year old Scottish girl obsessed with makeup, cosmetics, and all things beauty, also known as Rachael. I also adore flowers, being a real girly girl, and my cats. I love ancient history - including its culture, language and art aspects, and so this is what I'm studying at uni. Whilst I enjoy a night in with a facemask, I adore all my friends and really appreciate their influence in my life ♥

What does Rivasoave mean?
It translates from Italian to 'Shore Sweet'. This is actually the name on an old wine bottle I have in my room which is over-halfway filled with 5p's. It so far has over £75 in it, with space for another £60 or so! I'd put other coins in it, but although the bottle is huge, 5p's are the only British coins that fit through the neck of the bottle