Saturday, 9 March 2013

Freelance Makeup | Modelling

Hi Guys,
Yesterday I had the good fortune to meet up with my friend Georgia for a catch up, many many cups of tea, and to get two makeup looks done on me. Georgia is a makeup artist interested in properly starting freelance makeup (having already delved into this) and needed models for a new facebook site - which I will link once its up and running! 
So basically, she got her model, I got two very pretty makeup looks done on me (A win win situation).
Having arrived in the early afternoon we didn't actually start the makeup until the early evening, so my pictures below aren't in natural lighting. This did mean that I got to hang out there for the majority of the day, and get free tea and food! (Always a bonus for uni students). On that note, if you're going to make beans on toast do you a) put the toast on a plate and pour beans on top, or b) put the beans in a bowl and place the toast in the bowl with them ?? (A big life question which cropped up.. G says B but that messes with my mind so I made her do A instead!)
The majority of the makeup used is MAC, and I can't tell you what is what, buuuut I still wanted to post the two looks to show you guys :) (and for future re-creational purposes!) My favourite thing was possibly the shaping of my lips with the dark lipstick. I wear a lot of lipstick, have a vehement hatred of lipgloss, and so am used to lining and filling in my lips. But SHE MADE IT SO DAMN GOOD. Also, the shape of the eye makeup was perfect. Goddamnit I need to copy these techniques!
Look 1: Soft purples
Look 2: Bold Bronzed
 I'm unsure if you can tell with the flash lighting, but I recently dyed my hair dark purple - but more on that to come! After we took lots of photos on her camera we realised that single strands of my hair were positioned over my face for the majority of the photos! (doh!) I think since I dyed it my hair has turned more static-y or something!
You can find Georgia on YouTube, at Aushnakilops. She makes fantastic makeup tutorials such as this one here which is a take on the Hollywood siren look (which I really like!) as well as beauty vlogging and lifestyle vids. 
I hope you liked this post! 

Rachael XX


  1. Love the red lip here, girl!

    I hope you'll check out my blog too,

    xx BRITTANY :)

  2. your make up looks fab, I love the dark lips! xx

  3. The lipstick in bold bronzed is beautiful!


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