Saturday, 9 June 2012

Contact Lens Trial

Today I have been out at my Opticians - a branch of Boots Opticians (helpful for Advantage Card points..) because my School Leavers Ball is coming up in a couple of weeks time! (ahh) and a glasses/ball dress combo is not on the cards.

I have had glasses for around 4 years now, and wear them when I have to. Like in class, at the cinema, and when I get brutal eye-headaches from not wearing them. When I sat down in the Optician chair, and was asked by the hot young optician about it, I told the truth..then almost wished I hadn't! Apparently I should be wearing them *all* day *every* day *even* when reading in bed. Crap! He was completely horrified at me! I felt like a bad, bad person for my lax ways. As you may have guessed, without my glasses I can still see however not actually focus clearly in distances over around 1.25 metres away...

Anyway, after getting over the embarrassing confession, I was given a very long eye test - including being almost blinded by a green light and having a  brown dye put into my eyes which was pretty damn weird. Then Mr Optician tried to put a contact lense in my eye.. This took 5 minutes for my right eye; I continually blinked, had contact lense solution sexily dripping down my face, he was holding my eye open getting covered in wet mascara-y lashes, and had to stop and wash his hands and the lens twice during this. Then I was told off for wearing makeup. (oops)

*Eventually* allowed to escape, I was handed another 4 days' worth of lenses to trial out. The ones I chose were the daily wear ones. These seemed less easy to mess up with (He told me about how once he forgot to mix his lens solutions and put a hydrogen peroxide-covered lens on his eye..) and mean I don't need to wear them every day.

They are actually relatively easy to put on! It just requires firstly getting it the right way round (though an inside-out lens won't harm your eye) and sticking it all at once straight over the centre of your eye, then slowly shutting your lids.

It was really quite weird wearing these! During the trial I have to build up wearing them - Ie. 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, 10 hours - and then I shall be ready to order a month's worth which will each last 12 to 14 hours, depending on whether they are water based or silicone based. (which affects the rate at which they dry out)

To remove the lens (something I found very tricky at the opticians!) you have to use your thumb and index finger and pinch it off your eye! Takes a little practice, but once you've got the knack you're sorted! Just very frustrating at first!

The daily lenses get thrown out immediately that you take them out - however its best still to have clean fingers to remove them - you may irritate your eye after all. And no one wants an eye infection.

So until tomorrow I'm back to my glasses.. which I shall wear ALL the time! As pointed out by my opticians, not wearing them means letting the muscles in my eye which focus relax constantly .. imagine never exercising your legs - the muscles will get all ruined and stop working! It could lead to early long-sightedness and, really, bifocals are NOT for me!

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