Friday, 29 June 2012

My first MAC products

As I mentioned before, I wish to show you some of my birthday presents! Not to show off, but because my friends and family have been so generous and I'm not sure I can even do them justice in a blog post, but I want to share some of these amazing gifts with you.

My best presents were from my wonderful bessie mate and these were both lip products from MAC. I was so suprised/impressed/awed when receiving them, because he knows nothing about makeup other than what he takes in from my daily makeup-related rambling, and yet he put a lot of thought into these! He also braved a makeup counter and getting advice from a sales assistant. These are my first MAC products, and indeed my first high-end makeup products, so were both unexpected and welcomed with open arms
The first was a Cremesheen lipstick in 'Dare You'. This is a deep sophisticated red, with a velvety smooth texture. I'm not often seen with red lips, preferring to play it safe with more subtle colours, but Dare You is bold without screaming for attention! If blotted it has reasonable lasting power - add in a lip liner and you're fully protected against early bleeding or smearing. It also moisturises! Hoorah

The second product is a Lip & Cheek Colour in 'Keep it Casual'. It is a gorgeous inbetween colour - I would market it as  raspberry red! It gives a dewy finish when used as a blush, and you need hardly any product to achieve this. As a lip colour it is equally highly pigmented and gives a beautiful strong natural colour. It is blendable due to it being cream-based, with an easily buildable colour intensity. It also contains Vitamin E - who says makeup can't be good for you?!

So.. I know how great I think this present was, but what do you think? 
What is the best surprise beauty product gift a guy has got you? 

Rachael Xx

Blogger Catch Up! Eighteenth & Leavers Ball

It has been a week now that I've been experiencing adult life, and in this time I have had my School Ball, and graduated from school with a silver medal for one of my subjects! So now what? A long summer before university where I should probably attempt to get a job else I'll be left to my own devices an awful lot!

I got a load of lovely things for my birthday! Including an incredibly embarrassing framed photo of me with one of my best friends from our primary school days, where I was dressed in the "fashion" of black and pink punk/goth style clothes with dangly bits. I put fashion in inverted commas because I fail to see how that word can apply to what I'm wearing! haha
Instead of making a birthday haul, I have decided instead to just review some of my gifts, or feature some of them in blog posts. So you shall be seeing these soon! 

Another thing I'm going to notify you of is that my bedroom is finally redecorated! All it is missing is a bed. And the majority of my belongings which are spread around the house! When I feel it is suitably completed I shall take photos for you!
Birthday Celebrations began in a restaurant with friends
Me with my beautiful friend much later on
Me and my best mate at our ball

The next day... My eyelashes stayed on for 30 hours in total!! Eyelure glue truly works ladies!

How are you all doing? 
Rachael Xx

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Neutrogena Hamper Competition Win

Hello! Just a quick post to show you the parcel I got in the post yesterday from Johnson & Johnson Ltd (Which I now know own Neutrogena..) because I won an instore hamper competition a few weeks ago! I'm not sure if any of you remember being asked to fill in little postcards in boots a month or two back? I'm pretty pleased with myself for being bothered with doing one haha
I did a quick calculation from the Boots website, and the total of these eleven products is £52.90! So much love for Neutrogena right now haha.

Have any of you tried any of these products - if so, what did you think?
Rachael xxx

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

a day in the life 20/06/2012

Hello! I'm sorry to say that my blogging contributions of late have been slightly non-existent - eek! Instead of completely finishing school after exams, my year-group has had a series of activity days - some, such as salsa dancing leaving me too physically tired to sit at the laptop and come up with a post, and some, such as a politics talk led by a panel of MSPs leaving me too mentally tired to even think about it! haha
I thought I'd get back into the swing of things by inviting you to take a look at what I've been up to! Today led by a small team of Rangers, we were led up a hill to pull up Himalayan Balsam - an invasive plant species which threatens the Scottish ecological environment. It came from the Western Himalayas (oh, really?!) and was brought over to Scotland in 1839 (silly Victorians!) 
The species has a reputation of being unstoppable in its rapid spreading methods, and so needs persistent control or it easily takes over the landscape - and growing up to 3 metres tall it swamps its shorter neighbours. 
...I could keep discussing the nature of the Himalayan Balsam, but as this is a beauty and lifestyle blog I think I shall keep the biology lectures to a minimum! haha
So.. Several hours over the course of the day were dedicated to some extreme gardening! There were nettles everywhere, and the balsam seemed to grow mostly in amongst the gorse bushes! Rather unsympathetic to our scratches and stings, our ranger insisted on very thorough balsam clearing! To our misfortune, breaks were on the low, and our excuses that we had to sit up in the trees to best spot the balsam refused! However, I'm very proud of our efforts. That was a lot of clearing accomplished! As the plant (in its current pre-flowering stage) only needs to be pulled out the ground and broken up with hands or feet before being allowed to decompose naturally on the hill, balsam fights were rife, and everyone had to watch themselves from the flying missiles as others uprooted them and threw them in the general direction of the path! We all got covered in a lot of soil in this process
In need of a break, we escaped for lunch - one of the perks of having friends who can drive. Yet still we went around in circles for the first half of our allocated lunch time, resulting in a rather late return.. 
Me & one of my best friends. I'm on the right
The work continued after lunch, although honestly most of our earlier enthusiasm and focus had drifted. It was a beautiful summery day, so it was so good to be outside! I got a little sunburnt - Scottish sun, however short-lived in its sparse appearances always burns me! :(
As the wandering through the semi-wilderness continued, the volume of Himalayan Balsam actually decreased! Leading me and my friends to get pre-occupied appreciating the other wildlife, like this fox-glove! Did you know that fox-gloves are poisonous? Well.. they are. They have a chemical in them which in significant quantities can stop your heart! We were informed of this when one of my friends, pictured with me two above put one in her mouth for a photo haha.
In need of some adventure, we escaped the Balsam reaping for a short while, and came down to a river where we met a dog walker and around six or seven over-excited dogs! Soon after this the day's activities was over, and we were given permission to head home, safe in the knowledge that hundreds of stalks of Himalayan Balsam had been uprooted today.
I thought I should share a quick outfit of the day! From feet upwards, I'm wearing some winter boots from Barratts (before they shut down), leggings which were from South, but I really don't like them and they have a hole in one of the knees, a very thin shift summer dress from H&M's 2011 summer collection, a thin black mac from Joe Brown's, and my Van's school bag. On my nails I'm wearing MaxFactor nailpolish in Meteorite, with a coat of Topshop's holographic polish Razzmatazz on top. 
 Face of the day (much worn off through excessive Balsam uprooting!) : Revlon Photo-Ready foundation in the shade Shell, Loreal Paris Infalliable Concealer in shade 4, Boots 17 animal bronzer, Maybelline Dream Touch Blush in Plum, No7 Skin Illuminator in Pink, Natural Collection Pressed Powder in Neutral, and on my eyes (themed slightly to the day's activities) : Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Duo in Deep Forest, Barry M Liquid Liner in Black, and MaxFactor False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara.
Alrighty! Thank you for reading this post, and I hope your day was both as productive and hilarious as mine! This is my last blog post whilst at the tender age of 17... tomorrow is my birthday! I shall blog about it at the weekend, so be prepared for some lifestyle posts! I also aim to do a couple of reviews on beauty products that have featured in previous hauls.

Have a lovely day
Rachael xx

Saturday, 16 June 2012

'No more Hauls'? I LIED: Ball shoes, Makeup, Fathers' Day

Hello! I am currently in a fantastic mood having just returned from a very productive shopping trip in town. (in may seem like I'm always shopping.. really, I wish!) I was on a mission with my dad to find ball shoes, (Shopping with me is really not one of his favourite activities haha) and having counted on this taking houuuuuurs walked into Topshop and instantly knew I'd be getting some there.

.. And here they are:

Before buying these, I tried on several pairs of wedges and thick heels but made a joint decision with my sales assistant that these would go best with my dress to add a bit of sparkle to my outfit! These are unbelievably comfy! I don't like thin heels and hate stilettos mainly because I feel so unbalanced and unnatural, but these fit like a dream. Even with the tall heel and platform sole, my dress is still slightly long.. so I shall need to get the hem taken up a bit. These shoes are called Lorenzo Glitter Wooden Sandals and can be found HERE. They cost £55 - but I got a 10% student discount (Good old Topshop!)

Next, I went to pick up some makeup bits and pieces from Boots:

Firstly I picked up a Dove Gradual Tanner. I'm undecided whether to go natural or sun-kissed in terms of my skin for the ball, so I reckon I can apply this, see how it goes, and remove it if necessary!
Next I got a No7 skin illuminator in the Pink shade. I got this with my No7 £5 off voucher, taking the price down from £11 to £6, and I have been looking to get a highlighter and reckoned this would do the trick! (Please tell me if I'm wrong haha! I'm a complete highlighter novice) This shade is quite a pearlised white, and I had been looking at the Peach one, but they had none in stock so I took my chances! 
I needed new foundation, and having watched Tanya Burr's Prom Makeup Tutorial on Youtube HERE settled on the Revlon Photo Ready, and having enlisted the help of a No7 sales assistant worked out I'm shade Shell. (I always find it tricky to guess shades in the yellow lighting of the drugstore makeup section!) This was £12.99
Lastly, I had decided last night with the help of Jen to use the Bourjois Elastic Mascara for my ball makeup look, and as mine is almost dried up looked to purchase some more. There was just one left, and I decided to take a peek at the brush before buying. - Good idea! The stopper seal thing inside mascaras to fine-tune the amount of product which comes out was obviously broken, because it was basically a lump of product on a stick. So instead I decided to try out another Bourjois mascara - the Liner Effect mascara in Black. It cost £9.50

Before heading home I returned to Whittard - the little shop selling fine teas and coffees which I now presume shall be a frequent stop of mine! 

My dad is a lover of ground coffees, so I searched around and found this to be the most interesting (Just because my friend has often talked about Guatemala!) It is also relatively strong, so I think it's a perfect Fathers' Day present. 

I picked up a card from Scribbler - a seller of funny cards and small knick-knacks found on many high streets.

This was £2.50 and seemed appropriate. haha

Thank you! - for reading yet another haul! I'm so pleased to have found ball shoes so quickly, and I'm certain my dad will be happy with a 'real' present rather than the homemade things I usually gift out to him.. ! 

What do you think of my shoes?
Rachael xx

Friday, 15 June 2012

Help! Leavers Ball Makeup: Advice Required

Hello! (again) This evening I have been thinking about what makeup I shall do for my School Leavers Ball which is under 2 weeks away! I think some girls are getting their makeup professionally applied, but I prefer doing this type of thing myself with products I'm familiar with and can try out beforehand!

So. This is my dress:
Image from
It is from the JS collection at House of Fraser and is called the Mesh One Shoulder.. If you're interested! There is currently a sale on this dress (*weep! I got this before the sale..*) and if anyone's needing a dress I would recommend looking at the JS collections! This was the dress I knew would not suit me, and wasn't  the style I wanted. How wrong I was! So glad I tried it on!!

I have yet to get shoes or accessories, but I shall keep you updated!

This is what I think I shall wear on my eyes and lips. (I still need to find foundation and all the rest!)
With flash lighting

Products used:
Barry M Dazzle Dust number 60 (the icy gold)
Barry M Dazzle Dust number 39 (the violet)
Barry M Dazzle Dust number 98: Petrol (the dark purple/black/navy)
Loreal Paris Infalliable Concealer shade 2
Bodyshop Lip (& Cheek) Stain colour Rose Pink
No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick shade 90: Waterlily
Bourjois Mascara Elastic in 41: Black Unlimited
MaxFactor False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara in Black
*I have different mascara on each eye to decide which I wanted!*

Okay! Do you think this would be appropriate?! Perhaps a navy instead of a violet centre colour would match better. I'm thinking of wearing my hair down. I'm not sure how great these pictures are - we have terrible weather in Scotland today so there wasn't much daylight! 

Many thanks
Rachael xx

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