Thursday, 6 September 2012

Uni Stationary Haul

This is the second post I've written today, having already done a Bedroom Tour on threeflatmates! As you are well aware by now, I start as a uni fresher in a matter of days! So, of course, a stationary haul was needed. 
If you're a stationary fanatic like myself then this won't shock you (although if you're not this probably will).. the total of this haul was around £45. Wow. Expensive!! But my dad bought it, so I didn't have to spend the money...hehe. 
Also, lol that I got a Pritt Kids Art magic glue stick! This was the only type of Pritt Stick left in the shop :( (The shop being WHSmith). It dries clear and can wash off with soapy water potentially useful.
Rachael XX


  1. hehe! i loveee stationary :D

    Jen xxx

  2. Love stationary! I collect writing books now, but don't write in them, and I used to collect rubbers, but they've disappeared... Love the stuff you got! Look forward to seeing how much you're left with in a years time



    1. Aww yeah I love pretty stationary too! I do always seem to lose it though! ALWAYS lose rubbers! xxx


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