Saturday, 12 May 2012

Too Faced Lashlight Mascara Product Rave


Here I have for you a profession of love from me to a makeup product: 
Too Faced Lashlight Mascara in 'Black Vinyl'
 I would not be showing off by saying that I have tried a lot of makeup, so many different brands, and countless products. Because lets face it - we all do, in the quest to find those single irrefutably perfect ones. And when it comes to eye makeup, I am a bit of a mascara whore. I wouldn't want to count the number of different mascaras I own... lets say around a dozen, that I will occassionally pick up and try out for a look. Mascara is tricky: do you want a traditional wand, or one with plastic bristles? To curve or not to curve? Lengthen, exaggerate or thicken?!  
.. Well. I have tried them all, and often find one that I'll use for several weeks, when suddenly my love for it vanishes. Last weekend I stumbled across the makeup section of TKMaxx. Not usually one to check out the often obscure products here, I decided that today was the day for a glance. And I'm so glad I did. I picked up a couple of mascaras and a few false eyelashes sets - all bargains at under £4. 

This mascara in particular caught my eye: simply because it lights up! I love quirky makeup, so it had my attention. At £2.90 for a £16.50 product it found its way pretty quickly into my basket. This is my first product by Too Faced.
I cannot stop raving about this product. Firstly, the mirror. Helpful to the max - I often forget a mirror on my travels, and this is big enough to be of use!
Secondly, the light.. When I showed my mum her reaction was simply "Ah, so now you can retouch your mascara in the cinema" No mum..pahaha. But it's fun to switch on! And I guess useful if in dim lighting.
The button on the lid which you click to switch on the light
Next the consistency - this product does not clump AT ALL. Infact, it is one of those 'your eyelashes, but better' products, and totally does the job of lengthening, separating, and darkening, and is really nice to apply.The general packaging is nice too. grown up.

Okay, so do you get how good this mascara is yet? Hope so, and here are some links where you can buy it

rachael xx

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    1. Hi there, thank you! I've followed your blog too :) ..And maybe I will pick up some Spanish hahah ;)


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    1. aw thank you! It's nice to be told I have nice eyes haha. Feel free to follow :) xx


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