Monday, 24 September 2012

So I didn't die..


Time for the massive apology: I'm mega sorry. There we go, now onto an explanation.. I have managed to stray right off radar over the last three weeks! (A very long time for a daily blogger not to blog) due to stresses getting the flat, stresses moving into the flat, getting used to being in the flat, and, uhh Freshers' Week. That brings me up to last week, where I then failed to blog due to the complexity of finding my way around new university buildings, battling with my quirky printer to produce a whole load of course notes every day, and a very absorbing tiredness that made me zombie through life. 
Nevermind, I'm back! This is actually not a proper beauty blog post because I had too much to say to just slip it in before introducing something else, but on the cards just now I have:

♥ September Primark haul
  September New Look haul
  Topshop Shoe sale haul
  Week in Facemasks
  Mascara duel: False Lash Effect vs Lash Architect

(I've been shopping rather a lot..)
But I thought I'd pop some pictures into this post to brighten it up anyway! As well as tell you a slightly entertaining story. 
Firstly, I just wanted to share some pictures of the lovely flowers that are currently brightening my room! On the left is a gorgeous bunch of fresh flowers from my mum. The other is a little fake bunch of red tulips, which I got at the Freshers FreeSale at my university (basically you go in and grab whatever you want! I also got a lot of coat-hangers)

Recently I was sent an offer from Boots photo to get £10 off a photo calender of my choice. Finding a calender that was £9.99 I then thought it would be fun to create a rivasoave blog-themed photo calender! This was three weeks ago (It takes under 7 days for an order to arrive) and I had decided to send it to my local boots to save on postage fees. Two weeks worth of back and forth phonecalls, emails, and a general lack of a calender, and it was finally re-sent out. And I am now known by name by almost every team member in boots. Haha! Celebrity status is hard dahhlings.. I have my calender though, so here it is!
Hopefully it shall at the very least remind me to blog!
I have three weeks of reading to catch up on, so don't be offended if I haven't commented on your posts in a while!
Watch this space!!

Rachael XX


  1. Cool calendar



    1. Hey Lauren, thank you! I know how the difficulty of being in a rented flat and finding that there's not actually many conveniently placed hooks on the walls! Oops!
      rach xx

  2. You have been missed! Glad your back :D

    Jen xxx

    1. Aww thank you Jen!
      (Ps. sooo bad of me to be just catching up on comments now!)


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