Sunday, 2 September 2012

Going Dairy Free!

I've just been on a mega shopping trip to stock up on groceries for the flat, but with a little twist - everything I've bought has had to be dairy free! Eek! My doctor thinks I'm allergic to something, and since a Lactose Intolerance seems most plausible I'm having to go completely dairy free until they get the results of my blood tests. It's made me pay a lot more attention to ingredient lists on labels! Rich Tea biscuits don't contain milk, but a lot of food does! So I picked up some products from the Sainsbury's Free From range:
 So the first things I searched for was sauces for meals.. I picked up Tikka Masala, Korma and a Chicken Hotpot! This means I won't be loving off pasta and noodles next week haha
 Yes, I have a sweet tooth. I'm not sure how nice these will taste - dairy free chocolate is made with oil. But I'm willing to try!
My mum spotted these and I think was feeling a bit sorry for me haha!!
The big issue with a dairy-free diet is that you are really restricting the amount of Calcium and Vitamin D you are consuming - important for healthy teeth and bones! So I picked up some chewy vitamin tablets that are aimed at kids but can be eaten by adults too! They taste of strawberry ;)
I'm a huge tea drinker (noo!) so I had to buy Alpro Soya 'milk'! I know you can buy Lactose-free cows milk, but incase I have an allergy to milk rather than an intolerance to lactose, I have to stay clear of that just now. I hear this stuff is minging, but I need to put something in my tea! Then I saw this Ribena which has calcium in it! Hooray, an easy way to get more calcium! 
 It will be hilarious if I turn out to have some other allergy (maybe relieving, I don't know how good all this stuff with taste!) If you know any tips for a dairy-free diet please do share below!
thanks guys!

Rachael XX


  1. I had to have dairy free milk for a month, and to start with I hated the milk, but now it tastes fine!



    1. Ah, okay - so there's hope!! Thanks for sharing (:
      rach xx

  2. Oooo good luck!! i think my eczema may be caused by dairy :( :( i really hope not! so i might be on a shopping trip soon to make this change!! lol

    Jen xxx

    1. Hi Jen! My friend found out that her eczema was irritated by dairy, so tried going dairy-free for multiple weeks, but now she's back to her usual diet, just not going overboard with dairy, and it's working out for her. So stay hopeful!
      Rach xxxx


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