Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A little rant at No7

Hello Lovelies!
In my last post (The Urban Decay Eye Glitter review here) I indicated my looming rant at Boot's No7. Why the rant? you may ask. 
In summer I posted a review of No7's Stay Perfect eye mousse - Look here before you read the rest of my little rant! At the time my review wasn't very extensive because I hadn't had much time to prepare it before I just posted it anyway. I could add now to that post that the product is prettily packaged, ideal for throwing in your makeup bag, very simple to apply with your fingers, and lasts very well both on your eyelids and as a product - due to the design of the tube packaging minimising excess product waste. So overall, a great product for £9. 
 Recently whilst in Boots I decided I would look at the other shades in the range - something I've been meaning to do for some time - of which there were three or four. I couldn't find them at the No7 counter and so eventually asked a sales assistant who pointed me to a different product which is a replacement of the one I was looking for. A Smoothing Eyeshadow has replaced the Stay Perfect collection's eye mousse. Ok. So products change - but usually you'll get past the immediate irritation of being unable to complete your collection of one product, particularly when the original is so good. But this time I just haven't felt any sort of love for the replacement.
Image taken from Boots.com
Here are my reasons why I just can't love this product:
  I really dislike the shape. I personally don't feel that the lipgloss-style packaging makes it looks classier or prettier - I think it actually looks cheaper! I don't think I'd gift this to someone
  What irks me about the applicator is that by applying product to your eyelid and replacing it into the tube you risk infection and contamination to a certain extent - this wasn't previously an issue. Also, I feel the applicator brush is unnecessary. From my experience using this product it is best applied with your finger, allowing you to easily blend and layer on your lids - so adding a brush into the mix is just making more faff! 
  My inner Eco Warrier questions why the replacement is one using more plastic! The previous tube design was simple packaging which didn't include the applicator stick with its long lid
  And last but not least, why fix something which doesn't need to be fixed! :)

Positive blog posts to come!

Rachael XX

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