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Skincare Haul: Lush

Hello! Yes, another haul! This one is just from Lush Cosmetics where I dragged my best friend at the end of last month to pick up these products! Everything in Lush is unisex (as the customer assistant did mention to him..) and they have a Father's Day section on their website just now - and would be willing to help you instore too if you wished to purchase some goodies for your dad there. 

With Lush, I appreciate that every product you see or pick-up or buy is going to be animal cruelty free, could be one of their charity products, and has packaging that can be recycled either at home or through their instore service (which rewards you with a free face mask every five full-sized pots or tubes you bring back). More personally, it is all hand-made with fresh ingredients! This alone is an incentive to use that cleanser every night and find the time once a week to relax with a facemask - because you don't want your product to go out of date before you've fully used it!

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My first product is the Dark Angels cleanser. My photos didn't all turn out so great in the lighting, so I have stolen a few from their website to let you see clearer!
I love this cleanser! I tend to use it before I go to bed, either after a face mask or after removing my makeup and washing my face with water first. In the instructions it tells you to pinch off a pea-sized piece of the jet-black thick mud-clay type product and add some water. I first did exactly this, and was left with a very thin watery paste which I smeared across my face with little result. Since then I have found that pinching off several pea-sized pieces and adding only the smallest dribble of water allows it to transform into a thick black muddy paste, which you can cover your face with rather like a face mask. The small grains of powdered charcoal allow it an exfoliating effect when then rubbed into your skin before washing it off. It's rather messy to remove (and put on..) and I always have to give the sink a bit of a wipe down after. But it makes my skin feel tight, fresh and smooth. A winner for £5.95 and it lasts 3 months.

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Next is a Love Lettuce face mask. I picked this one up having heard one of my favourite bloggers, Estee from essie-button rave about it like crazy! And I totally agree! This product smells divine, very lavender-y but not overpoweringly so, and when taken out the fridge and applied to your face has super cooling actions that help you relax and enjoy your pampering. I love that it is green.. When drying on your face this allows you to pretend that you too are an Ogre like Princess Fiona, as your green skin with small lumps resembles such a complexion. I tend to use face masks when sitting down video-calling someone, as they take quite a long time (20 - 25 minutes) to dry fully to the point of about to fall off your face - as I like them, and so I share this experience with others. I like to put it on quite thick - and this still allows around 4 to 5 facemasks from the tub, for £5.75. Taking it off is actually really easy if you wait until its fully dried: wet a cloth slightly, then sort of pull the product off your face with the cloth, and wash with warm water afterwards. I shall be re-purchasing!
I also picked up a single Token To The Forest Gods toner tab. I haven't used it yet, but you put it in a bowl of hot water and put your head over it to benefit from the steam that is released, toning your face and giving connotations of a spa-like steam room experience. This was only £1
My last skincare item was a small sample pot of Ocean Salt facial scrub. This is a coconut and lime (with a hint of vodka) thorough exfoliating scrub, leaving your face feel zingy afterwards! A tip for using it: DO NOT get it on your lips. We all know not to get skincare products in our eyes, but with this one you need to watch out on your mouth too! It is extremely salty, and unpleasant when in your mouth or nose haha. A full-sized 100g is £6.75
My final purchase is not actually skincare related but I decided to throw it in anyway! It's a box of Dirty toothy tabs - an alternative to toothpaste. These leave my teeth squeaky clean, and have a mildly minty flavour. However they also taste very much like baking soda, and when you first put one in your mouth and crunch it up the taste is almost overpowering, and it takes a frantic minute of trying to throw some water into your mouth with a toothbrush to regain a normal composure. Also, I kept these beside my toothbrush, but the steamy humid showers I have seem to have made these go a little soggy.. Also, I switched between using a toothy tab and toothpaste, resulting in me now having the majority of the box out of date. Basically, i shall be sticking to toothpaste haha! These were around £2

There! Another haul out the way. I don't expect to be buying much more any time soon.. Although it is my eighteenth next Thursday, so I may do a birthday haul at some point! Thank you for reading

Rachael xx

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  1. Looove this post! Lush is my absolute favourite. The cleanser & exfoliator look amazing. Definitely want to try them out! I love their fresh face masks too, I'm using using cupcake :) xx

    1. This is the first face mask I've used! But I'm definitely a convert! Thank you! :) The exfoliator is a lot of fun to use haha!

      rach xx


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