Saturday, 9 June 2012

A lazy day for a Cat

Well.. Contrary to my post's title it wasn't *quite* a completely lazy day for my Cat..
As a cat who enjoys himself some wet food (the dry food being good at scraping one's teeth relatively clean) we have always been told by the vet that he gets a build of of tartar (yum!) and so today little pussy cat had to go to the vet very early in the morning for a tooth scraping. How can a cat manage to sit through that, you ask. General anaesthetic is the answer! Sadly this ended up not only involving a thorough teeth clean, but the removal of one tooth (have yet to venture inside his mouth with my fingers to discover which!) He was away aaaaaall day, and upon returning at 4pm was instructed to have a quiet night in. He didn't really need told.. He has spent all evening and night on my bed, purring and snoozing and having a great time. We watched the Aristocats together.
He has a thing for plastic bags. Hence not only is he lying on my blanket, but some Morrisons plastic..

Maybe I should introduce you to him. He has one black whisker, and plenty of white ones, and his purring sounds like this toy cat I had many years ago which had a ball inside its head which rumbled back and forth..

This is Nemo (Named after Finding Nemo...a fish from a Disney movie- but not by us! We got him and his brother Tigger who I suspect is named after the tiger from Winnie the Pooh from a Cat Sanctuary over seven years ago! Although it really doesn't feel that long)
We got them as 6 month old just-grown-out-the-cute-small-kitten-stage creatures, and so these babies are still relatively young. Older than me though if we're judging on cat years. 

I feel I should add in a photo of Tigger. Just to balance things out.

I love my little kitties very much. And thankfully Nemo seems to not be having side effects from his drug inspired state today. Their natural drug of choice is Catnip - of which we have a relatively large bush in our front garden which Nemo runs to and lies on if you walk near it. I should really have added in a picture.. I shall take one someday.

That is all! Look at me, blogging at 3am.. Time I get some Zs too.


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  1. Awww!! So cute! I have two little sister cats, whom I love so much!! I did a wee post on them over on my blog!

    I think ur blog is great by the way :) keep up with your brill posts!!

    Jen xxx

    1. I need to find this post on your blog! I love having cats... crazy cat woman in the making!
      Thank you! It's good to know someone else enjoys my happy rambling haha!


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