Sunday, 10 June 2012

Bedroom Redecoration: Stage 1

I have found a quiet weekend which is why I'm blogging so much incase you wonder. Onto topic matter: my bedroom. A quick history of my room is that for the past 17 years (let's remember that I am yet to turn eighteen... although this is only 11 days away!) the walls of my room have been entertaining a rather sweet half wallpaper, half paint combo - with animal tea party paper masking the majority of the wall, above a complementary pink paint. Don't be quick to judge - these animals are great examples of British wildlife (hedgehogs, rabbits, badgers..) demonstrating both my nationality and appreciation of a good picnic.. obviously.
Why have I never redecorated? 
Firstly, since I got a MAHOOOSIVE 3 door Ikea wardrobe aged ten this limited the number of ways furniture in my room could move around.. and everything found its place and settled. And got covered in stuff. And piles upon piles of crap have increasingly taken over this space from me. Most of my furniture and 'stuff' piles reached quite far up the walls.. and the room was difficult to get into anyway, (why have a carpet when you can make your way to your bed over your crumpled clothes?) so..there wasn't really a need.
Next, I am the most indecisive person in the world. I go into this in this post! I could never settle on how to redecorate! *probably good, since at one point I was considering leopard print inspired walls..* 
Lastly, I finally decided on a blue/white sea theme (hmm..) around 2 summers ago, and bought decor things like a mirror and a picture frame from a little seaside village crafty shop in Arisaig in the North of Scotland. Then my brother redecorated his room, and all effort to do mine was abandoned.
But, as the pictures show, progress is FINALLY being made! I'm calling this Stage 1 of redecoration (Ie getting the room back down to its basics, ready to be re-painted and re-wallpapered) Although really stage 1 was clearing all the crap that i'd gathered over my lifespan and getting rid of all my old furniture! This literally took around a month haha. And I threw out 13 bin bags and 8 charity bags.. It really needed done.

I'm going to keep it a secret for now what I'm redecorating it like.. But I shall tell you that the furniture is all white, and I'm aiming to make my room look feminine and brighter! 
I found this tealight stand at a fete I was at with a friend today and for £2 had to get it! It shall be perfect for my dressing table..

My conversation with the woman selling it was as follows:

me: Hi, can I get the candle stand?
woman: Which part of Canada are you from?
me: I'm from Scotland
woman: hmm, really? you sound Canadian . . . 

well. be as sceptical as you like! that won't change my origins
I always get interesting interpretations of my accent.. But trust me, I'm Scottish haha. I shall keep you updated on the redecorating saga!

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