Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Five foods ..

Day 6 of my 10 day you challenge - confusingly associated with the number 5! haha
Today is all about food!
I decided to go for 5 of my favourite foods:
1. Jelly. Who doesn't like jelly?! Whenever I seem to want jelly I either don't have any, or have packets of the jelly cubes which you spend an entire day transforming into the stuff! Upsetting

2. Tomatoes. I just put this one in because when I was out for a meal with friends recently, several said they didn't like tomatoes. Crazy! I dislike sundried tomatoes, and roasted tomatoes, but love fresh raw tomatoes. They are so good on things like Bruschetta. Please tell me if you don't - I didn't know this was a big thing! 
3. White Chocolate Mikado sticks. Mmm. I don't often have these because they sell them hardly anywhere near me! I don't like the milk chocolate ones, and the strawberry ones taste a bit ..fake? I don't know haha
4. Fruit salad. One of my favourite things, basically because you can eat it for literally any of your meals! I normally don't bother with breakfast before I leave the house, and instead have something later, but if there is fruit salad in the fridge I'll have that. It just takes so long to maaake! Weeep

5. Strawberry Mousse. Like the yoghurt kind. Yum.

I feel like these favourites are all pretty normal foods! (good!) Foods I dislike do include many people's favourites however - pizza, sausages, burgers, mac'n'cheese.. 

Rachael Xx


  1. I'm a massive lover of tomatoes too :) xx



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