Sunday, 5 August 2012

My Secret Beauty SINS

Well, the title says it! this is not a tag that I have found but just something I decided to share for fun! Although I invite you girls to make a post like this too - I'm sure we can learn from eachother's beauty sins and collectively agree to stop punishing our bodies in the name of beauty!

Yup - I'm one of those gals who wonders around the empty house in a tshirt, leggings... and a full face of makeup. This is a bad habit I really need to break because it is minging thinking about how little time my skin has to breathe.. That's right - your skin needs a break sometime! A day in the house is a perfect opportunity for those who don't like going face naked in public to wipe off the slap. In my defence it is often on these house days that I have space and time to do new makeup looks and blog FOTDs.. 

bad bad bad!! Sometimes I just cba removing it, and I know it's wrong and I know it's bad for my skin (you get so warm when you are sleeping that your pores will open up - absorbing all the yucky makeup covering your face!) It is also especially bad for eyelashes - which bend and stick in funny positions when covered in mascara and pushed against a pillow. Also, your pillow shall get minging

Ok, really I'm not too sure why I do this one, because no matter how hard I try to retain the makeup, I inevitably end up with panda eyes and watery foundation. So this should be an easy habit to break - and will allow for washing my face properly in the shower

Well don't get me wrong - I use skincare, but I just don't have a routine. This wouldn't concern me, but I hear youtubbers and bloggers so often mention their hesitation at trying a new product because it will mess up their routine. maybe my skin could do with some regularity

(often - not washing them often enough!) I hardly ever set aside enough time for cleaning my makeup brushes! Right now half my brushes are awaiting another clean and I'm just hoping to fit this in in the next couple of days. When I do remember to wash them I use baby shampoo because I don't have a proper cleaner - this is much gentler than shampoos etc which contain chemicals such as SLS (which makes them foam) Also, remember to use lukewarm water - boiling hot water can melt the glue holding your bristles together

Slightly minging beauty sin here. I always have thought it best just to get rid of spots/zits/pimples right when I get them - though apparently applying pressure to 'pop' the spot actually pushes some of that disgusting gunk further back into your skin. Eew. However it takes a lot of willpower just to leave them be

How many of us have used a disposable razor on bare skin? All of us, I suspect. So we have all once been familiar with the infamous and awful 'razor rash'. Ouch. Thinking about it makes me shiver. On holiday I had such an incident - remembering my legs needed a once over before going swimming. Not only did razor rash become the greatest sense in my body for over 24 hours, but I also cut myself, quite a lot. I did go swimming though (thankfully after going to all that trouble) however a shower that evening was genuine hell

I genuinely can't help myself. my nails split, and instead of trying to work out ways to stop this and get healthy nails, I peel them. I need a slap, this is really bad for your nails! Any tips on getting my nails to stop splitting would be greatly appreciated!

So everyone at one point seems to say 'I regret everything I have done to my hair, I wish I had never messed with it and just appreciated my natural colour. Never dye your hair!' and those they speak to think 'It'll be different for me, let me make my own mistakes!' Well, I have gone from person 2 to person 1 and now cannot even remember what it is like to have my natural hair colour, sob. And I first started playing with my colour just one and a half years ago! It has just been quite a journey I have made in this time! I did like my ombre hair best, I just hadn't got it quite right and was getting fed up of being partially ginger.. My hair is very damaged - 100% split ends, also splitting and rejoining in the middle of some strands. Excellent..naaaat

So! What are YOUR secret beauty sins? Link me your post if you decide to do this blog! 

Rachael XX
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  1. Hey!! Great post!! :D what a brilliant idea! I think i shall do a post on this after my olympic ones hehe!!

    Jen xxx

    1. Hey Jen! Thanks! I've been thinking of posting something like this for a few weeks! I need to catch up on your Olympic one(s)!

      Rach xxx

  2. Love the idea of this post. I don't think I'm brave enough to admit my sins haha. I don't have a skincare routine either! xx

    1. Hi Jen! Glad it's not just me without a routine! I guess there is some greatness to the freedom of just being able to pick up a facemask or cleanser and slap it on, instead of worrying the change will break you out. I'm certain I have more beauty sins - these are just the ones I'm willing to admit!

      rach xxx

  3. It is disgusting, but I don't know how anyone resists popping spots! Probably a beauty sin I should fix! x

    1. Hey Sarah! I agree - I think we'll all be as bad as eachother on this one! I think it can just lead to spot scarring where you have the impression / redness of the spot remain there long after the spot itself has cleared up! hmm..

      rachael xxx

  4. Awesome post. I was so proud of myself when I thought 'I only do two of these' then a little ashamed what I remembered I have way worse beauty sins! Loving the honesty Rachael! x

    1. Hey Maisie - thanks so much for commenting and following! Haha - i'm glad it's not just me doing at least a couple of these! As I said to Jen these are just the ones I'm willing to admit!
      Rachael xxx


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