Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Ten secrets ..

Yesterday I spotted this ten day challenge on Jen's blog HERE and knew I wanted to give this a go! I like reading bloggers' tags, because there's something fascinating about getting to know something about the real person behind the product reviews and beauty advice! So I equally love to take part in these myself!
This is a pretty self-explanatory challenge, so I'm just going to jump straight in. I'll hopefully be posting the next segment each day, so watch out for these!

1. I used to be awful at makeup. I'm not saying that I'm now highly skilled at it, but really, I was truly terrible. To put it into perspective, between the ages of 13 and 15 I found it appropriate to draw a line of kohl eyeliner under my eye and call this makeup. No mascara, no foundation (Until the latter part of being 15 when I used a very orange one from Avon called 'shell') Sometimes I threw in a very dark bronzer, across the majority of my cheeks. It hurts me to look back on these days! 
2. I am a highly disorganised and incredibly messy human being.
3. I still have all of my barbies, plus house accessories, cars and 3 horses. They stay in my attic. Occasionally I go see them
4. When I was 5 my little brother was born. I was so jealous of not being the younger sibling that I would sometimes take away his toys to make him cry, then complain to my parents that he was being noisy. Honestly, I do like him now... haha
5. Having been in various choirs from age 8 to 17 and having 4 years of music from singing lessons, when in my house alone I take this all out and throw myself a little concert. No, basically I sing EVERYTHING at the top of my voice, terrorising my cats who dislike high notes, and praying that the neighbours can't hear
6. Generally, a couple of nights a week I shall go to bed unfazed by the makeup that remains on my face. (scandalous) Really, this is bad
7. If I could have any job I would choose being an author. (or an archaeologist...) I'd like to do my imagination justice in writing
8. Once my cat left a baby mouse on the doorstep (inevitable if you own outdoor cats) I randomly decided to rehome it. In a fish tank filled with shredded paper and toilet tubes. It was called Chris. Eventually, Chris went free. Sorry for the little holiday Chris.. 
9. I love art (when it's produced by me - art galleries are not my thing) and I always regretted not continuing it as an exam subject at school. I still give my parents homemade presents, often paintings. I enjoy these tasks
10. I think I'm in denial about leaving school. I'm glad to be free to go to university and not wear uniform and all the rest! But I can't believe I'm not allowed back haha. I still have one of my teacher's books..

I invite you too to take part in the challenge!
Rach Xx


  1. Hi :) i loved the barbie secret!! sadly i gave mine to a little girl years and years ago! i soo wish i still had mine and i would totally go visit them too!! soo jealous! haha i had a car and two horses! lol and the one with your brother is soo funny!! hehe that is so cute about the mouse! i would totally do the same thing! hehe

    I love singing and its when im driving that im probably the worst because i sing so loud and think that no one can hear me and they probably can and think im completely off my head!! lol

    yay! so glad your doing this challenge too! :D

    Jen xxx

    1. Ah yes, I think I shall always be too selfish with my barbies to give them to someone who will actually use them for their purpose! hehe. I wish I just had a separate room for them where I could set up barbie land and hang up their clothes in the wardrobe, and put the food packets in the cupboards and all the rest!
      I have never told my parents about the one with my brother... hahaha. Or him. It's our secret blogspot! shh!
      hahaha, I can imagine! This probably makes driving much more exciting though, so I shall let you off!
      Me too!
      rach xxx

  2. I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon & this myself later! :) Just for the record... I still have all my Barbies too! Nothing wrong with that haha xx

    1. Hooray! This is such a good challenge! I was looking at the other parts of it last night!
      I'm glad I'm not the only one stashing away my barbies for some unknown purpose haha

      rach xx


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