Sunday, 5 August 2012

DVD Haul and Catch-Up!

I'm unsure when my blogging shall get back into some sort of routine - sorry! I'm still swamped by several things such as organising my flat share! So I understand this is not a makeup or beauty related post but I have a few up my sleeve to bring out soon! In all honesty I've been on a spending ban lately because I'm saving up for a new mobile (having laid another to rest in a sink). 

All that said.. I have been collecting a good few DVD's lately! I'm a very impulsive DVD buyer. And I've watched all of them now so will give you a little rating from least great (none were bad!) to best!
6. Bounty Hunter - A good rom com if you're feeling in the mood! Not exceptional. I was supposed to see this at the cinema when it came out, but got there with my 2 friends way too late so instead we saw A Single Man. hahah
5. W/E - I had never heard of this before but picked it up cheaply. It is a historical romance about Edward VIII and Wally Simpson his sweetheart - whom he gave up the throne for! I did Advanced History yet had never heard of either of them! 
4. Thor - Okay this was a tough rating - If I was basing it on characters, Thor (the lovely Chris Hemsworth) would win! But although it is another great Marvel storyline I always feel there is something missing at the end of the movie (As did the filmakers, as Thor 2 comes out next Autumn!)
3. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days - Ugh Matthew McConaughey! Enough said really.. This was a really funny movie but it also had substance unlike many rom coms! 
2. G.I. Jane - I really enjoyed this movie - I always find movies based on real life military affairs and the life of marines - such as Dear John - really interesting. A real 'You go girl!' movie
1. The Time Traveller's Wife - Having read the book I got the movie.. and it is just beautiful! Such a faultless film! Rom Com, SciFi, Tragedy, Adventure all thrown into one satisfying movie. And Eric Bana helps.

I'd be interested to know what you girls think of these movies!
Rachael XX
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  1. Really like all these films! I love anything remotely rom-commy and liked Bounty Hunter. It wasn't the best, but Gerard Butler definitely did it a lot of good! x

    1. Hey Sarah, thanks for commenting! Yeah I don't think I can lie about Gerard Butler being the main reason I picked this one up! Glad you like my choices! :)
      rachael xxx


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