Friday, 11 May 2012

Creativity is sweet


So a few years ago I had a dilemma. I'd been shopping and picked up two bounties - the milk chocolate one and the dark chocolate one; but just one was for me.. the other for my dad. The Dilemma: which to have? Having pondered for a wee while I cut each in half (the benefit of there being two bars in a packet) and stuck opposing sides of each bar to that of the other bar.

Immediately very impressed with myself and the resulting products, I took this photo and decided to email Bounty chocolate makers and suggest they make this commercial! (I think at this point I was still in a semi-arrogant I've-just-achieved-great-things sort of a mood) Except I had to email Mars, because Bounty is owned by them.
To jump forward a few days, the reply was that Mars do all their commercial and technical thinky stuff themselves, so to leave them be.

Well.. I still think they're missing out on a great opportunity. Do you? :)

Rach xx

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