Friday, 11 May 2012

Cameras, flowers and photography tips


I was flicking through old photo albums on my laptop today and found one album of shots I'd taken in my grandparents' garden up in the Scottish Highlands. These were mostly pictures of flowers - all taken with the Macro setting on my camera.

For those of you who have never taken any interest in this setting (found on most if not all.. digital cameras) LISTEN UP! You can find this setting as usually a flower symbol. And let me tell you, it is a blessing.

This setting allows focus up close and personal with your subject of photography, and focuses on one aspect. And the results are amazeballs! Much better than your basic zoom. 

If you're interested, since I shall be starting posting reviews soon - all with product images taken by myself - my camera is a Canon Digital IXUS 860 IS (what a mouthful!) Here's a link:  

I didn't buy it, I won it around four years ago in a National Geographic Kids Magazine competition! I had to draw a picture representing an eco world.. and came 1st! Four years on this is still one of my top achievements (I'm not generally one to win things..) and I still have the memory of delight of being delivered a huuuge cardboard box, around half a metre cubed in volume - with my camera, a camera photo printer, a mousemat and a polar bear adoption pack. wow. 
Most of my friends have heard the story..

Anyway! Go, run to your cameras and choose the macro option - I commandeth thee! And tell me if you liked these photos from the garden

rachael xx

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