Sunday, 13 May 2012

6 Beauty items I can't live without!

Self explanatory really.. Here goes! Very photo heavy..

1) Barry M Liquid Eyeliner in black. Let me tell you, I have tried every liquid liner out there! Ever since being introduced to liquid liners by my gran around four years ago (when she gave me a Loreal Carbon Gloss Super Liner from her Marie Claire) I have been enthralled by this medium of makeup. I've also conditioned myself to make the perfect flick at the corner of my eye. Happily - I still get so many comments from girls my age asking how to do this! (PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. At home, over your day's makeup before you go to sleep.) It is my humble opinion that winged eyeliner is a must-have..for my face. Not a day goes by that this does not feature in my makeup look!
Unhappily, this liner is almost IMPOSSIBLE to find. Edinburgh boots and Superdrug stores NEVER have it! But always have a tester.. Sometimes I almost convince myself to just buy that. (Do not do this! Totally minging.) I got this particular one in a Boots in Glasgow. 
What is so super about this particular eyeliner, is the design. Firstly, eyeliner pens run out. They dry up, go crappy at the end, and run out. If your tip is in a pot of eyeliner ink for the whole of its existence, this unhappy tragedy does not occur. Next, the tip itself is of SUPER importance for winged eyeliner. What you want is one that has a point (not one with a nailpolish-style brush), but not a long thin point (like Loreal Carbon Gloss), and it should be reasonably hard and not squishy. Ta da. Perfecto
rrp £4.79
Winged eyeliner

2) Mirrors. To set you straight, I am not horrifically vain or stuck to a mirror the whole of my life! I'm just self-conscious, and always feel better after checking that my makeup is still doing its job. 
Like when I don't have my phone, I feel a little lost without some form of mirror. (They are also very handy for doing my makeup on the bus in the morning)

3) Nailpolish. Nailpolish is not actually permitted at my school.. However, I myself really really dislike plain nails. Can't stand them actually. So I accommodate this by wearing one of what I label my 'school colours' (Pretty much any nudey pinky light colour, or one that sparkles. Still very much against school rules)
I'm not against chipped nails either, and although probably quite tacky looking, this is the state of play with my nails most of the time haha!
Being so much of a Boots ADDICT that I may as well have my own key to their stores, I got a £5 No7 voucher recently with my receipt, so went in a few days ago with my friend to spend it. Almost always upon being presented with one of these vouchers I spend it on either nail polish or lipstick. This time it was nails.
No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in 260 'Perky'
Some of my No7 Polish collection
I decided last night to paint my nails - using the colour over a basecoat. Unfortunately, I cannot find my top coat! (Having last seen it on a sofa..hmm)
Sadly my nails had little time to dry - or be painted neatly to be honest - when I was whisked out to a restaurant with my family. Bad timing

4) Makeup wipes. Another essential! I hate using cotton wool and liquid makeup remover.. worse still is trying to take makeup off with water (Because lets face it, that only spreads the issue around your face more..) So makeup wipes? A MUST. These ones by Kleenex are the best I have come across in a loooong time! And I go through them like crazy. So I stocked up...
I buy mine at Sainsburies Just now there is an offer!
Eco friendly AND good for my face? Marvellous idea
I'll let you in on a secret... This is half of the packs I own

5) Dental Hygiene. Okay, so maybe not what comes to mind in a beauty tag. But seriously. Having clean feeling and tasting teeth is a requirement for me. And when I brush it is a looong process. Mainly because I like to make sure it's all clean. And then I floss. That takes a while. Can't forget mouthwash! My dentist even recommended this one.

6) Perfume. You are around so many people a day that one great way to make a lasting impression is your scent! And I think it is quite an important one to get right! There are a lot of terrible perfumes out there (I know first hand, from perplexing experiences of my bessie m8 covering me in random disgusting perfumes in shops. I'll get him back one day..) However, each to their own when it comes to scents. To find your perfect scent, experiment! And accept gifts of perfume from people, because they can be super expensive! This is how I found my god-sent scent. Gucci Rush, by Gucci.
Unfortunately for me, even a mere 30ml of this stuff is expensive! And outwith my own general spending.. So when my beloved perfume ran out (around a year and a half ago now..) I cried. Wept for my lost scent. (metaphorically..) As my 18th is coming up, you can be sure this is on my wishlist!
When it comes to perfume, I'd usually recommend Eau de Parfum rather than Eau de Toilette. This is because the scent is stronger and purer and stays around longer. You want a lasting presence woman! And don't go sampling as many perfumes as is physically possible before you collapse from light-headedness. Stay sane.
I keep all my perfumes in a Miss Dior Perfume Box
Some of my favourites
One of my favourite Avon perfumes;jsessionid=000188EwC54pWxDjpYznj_BDwiL:14c4nt8ga
Get into trying perfume samples. This one was offered to me with a purchase in Harvey Nichols

If you have a super beauty item that you cannot live without, share in the comments! I'd love to hear suggestions. :)


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