Saturday, 12 May 2012

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Review


Another makeup review: something irrefutably essential to one's makeup bag. UD Primer. This savvy little tube has saved the life of many a makeup look, removed the incessantly approaching threat of creased eyeshadow, and let many a woman feel more confident that her makeup will stay where it should be.
Looking slightly worse for wear...

This little tube of POWER costs around £14.50 (depending on rising inflation!) - in the UK you can find UD in House of Fraser and Debenhams:,default,pd.html
My tube which I am displaying to you is one my friend bought me last June. That's almost a year of almost daily use! And still alive - if not slightly battered, grubby and aesthetically less pleasing that before. This stuff LASTS. You only need the tiniest of amounts per eye - do not make the rookie mistake of squishing loads out! You shall regret it!
Around the amount you need for one eye
As you see it's not coloured! So any eyeshadow goes over it unnoticed
Do not over do it, and be careful where you put it. This thing really helps, and so I use it every day, not just nights out. But put too much on (or mix it with your foundation at the edge of your eyes..) and its noticeable. Less is more!
UD sells 4 eyeshadow primers. To keep things simple, I got the purple packaged one which rubs out to a transparent film. Best tip before buying is to sample it in store - test it on the back of your hand and see if you want one of the more shimmery pigmented ones. I think one day I shall.. But they do limit the colours and textures you can apply on top!

Consider it!

Rach xx

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