Friday, 6 July 2012

Eight fears ..

The third day of my 10 day you challenge!
Eight Fears:
1. Weasels. I decided to put this as No1, due to it being the bain of my childhood. For some reason I just spent years terrorised by weasel nightmares. I had never seen a weasel before, yet I continually had recurring weasel nightmares. These all included flesh-eating weasels.. you get the gist. 
2. Killer whales. For some reason, Free Willy just didn't do it for me, and a fear of Killer Whales began. I genuinely do like animals btw.. most of them. 
3. Spiders. Euch! Even writing about them gives me shivers! Damn spiders. Now forever a part of my blog
4. Growing old. Yes, even whilst still in my teens I fear old age! I'm now no longer a child by any account and so appreciate that I can never go back to this stage! But the idea of being properly old is just a very disconcerting one. Looking back 30 years doesn't seem that big a deal, mainly as I was not alive. Fast forward 30 years to 2042 and I'm almost 50. Eek!
5. Having toilet paper stuck to my shoe. I'm certain this has happened to me but once that I can recall, and I noticed whilst still in the bathroom. But I just get paranoid
6. Having something on my face. Again, super paranoid! I don't feel comfortable without a mirror in my pocket/bag. Wearing makeup has its own negatives of moving around during the day, and things like lipstick bleeding and eyeshadow dropping
7. Being forced into watching horrors. I get so easily creeped out by even the least scary of this movie genre, so it's best I keep to my rom-coms..
8. Prisons/Capitol Punishment. These I just find incredibly distressing. Due to the lack of freedom, and the finality of the death penalty. I don't aim to ever do something which could result in my imprisonment, and the UK doesn't have the death penalty. However, this fear is to the extent of a panic attack in school!

Any interesting fears which you have?
Rachael Xx


  1. Completely agree with you on horror films... give me a rom-com any day. Good list :)

    C xx

    1. Thank you! :) I have stocked up on rom-coms recently too! I will come take a peep at your blog!
      rach xx


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