Monday, 10 December 2012

Model's Own 'Mirrorball' Nail-varnishes | Review

Hello Lovelies! 
This is my second of two linked reviews (: The first was of the Revlon Kissable Lip Balm  Stain, which I purchased at the same time. 
Model's Own have released a 'Mirrorball' collection of nail varnishes, to be worn alone or as top coats to jazz up a nail look. I purchased this one, in 'Freak Out' (one of five Mirrorball glitter varnishes) and it contains very small  circles of pink glitter, slightly larger royal blue hexagons, and thirdly some wonderful jaggedly hand-cut large pieces of light blue glitter. 
 I think any of you looking at the pictures would agree it looks pretty damn cool! Wearing it is awesome, I tend to layer it over black varnish, or use it alone for a more played-down look, and I've had a lot of people comment when I wear it! The wear is - as with most glitter based varnishes - very good, further making it ideal to wear on top of another colour as it helps lock the colour in! This does mean that when you want to take it off the epic struggle of varnish-remover vs. glitter-polish occurs - so I tend to either wait until the last of the glitter comes off naturally, or alternatively try to prise the layer of nail varnish off by wedging one of my other nails underneath.. (I hope you understand what I mean!)  
The price of this varnish was £5, which I was happy to pay to try out one of these new-ish Mirrorball topcoats. (They went Nation-wide in October). You can pick it up instore from Boots, or online at ModelsOwnIt.Com

Rachael XX


  1. Ooo i love the mirrorball collection! i have the purple one (i think its called dancing queen lol) and i soo want to buy more colours! i love these glitters so cool! lol

    Jen xxx

  2. This looks really good! Such a great combination of colours! Ive been thinking of getting a glittery polish for Christmas, and this is definitely a contender now! :)

    Aimée Xx


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