Monday, 1 October 2012

Blindfolded Makeup Challenge!

Hello lovelies!
I recently decided to do a blindfolded makeup challenge (having been encouraged by Euan who really wanted to attempt my makeup again - you can see his first [non-blindfolded] attempts here) If you have never encountered me talking about Euan (my best mate) on my blog, this is a picture of the guy I let stab my face with makeup blindly:
 I have recently seen two funny attempts at this challenge on youtube! Zoella and Marcus Butler got together to do eachother's makeup: (watch both!!)
Okay, so he went first. This makeup look was a lot faster than his previous attempt at my makeup. And it felt really weird. If you have never let anyone do your makeup blindfolded I suggest you do! Mascara is terrifying. It was incredibly hilarious too:
With flash - you can see the extent of the eyeshadow a little clearer!
My lipstick is my favourite part! So Batman Joker-esq! 
 After this I was allowed to do his! No photos were taken.. (sorry!) But he looked very similar to me! So use your imagination ;)

Rachael XX


  1. Hahaa, this looks like quite a scary experience :P xx

    1. Scary but very entertaining and has made me actually want to do it again with my other flat-mate Karen! xx

  2. Great experience, looks like Zoey had a bad experience, I would never let my boyfriend do my makeup!



    1. Hi Lauren, thanks for commenting! Ah, it is quite a level of trust required! But it can be really funny too! (As long as you make sure to use products you know won't get damaged/you don't mind getting slightly damaged!)
      rach xx

  3. Haha!!! I watched zoe and marcus's videos today and then saw this on your blog!! how funny! i can only imagine the experiences were very similar although i think Euan did better!!! :D

    Jen xxx

    1. Ah, great minds think alike! or watch alike in this case ;) Ah, he shall be well chuffed hearing this! I think in general a new level of attractiveness is obtained! ;)


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