Wednesday, 30 January 2013

MAC Girl About Town | Review

Hello Lovelies!
I recently acquired a multitude of lipsticks as late Christmas presents (my friends know me well!) so here is the first in a series of reviews. Girl About Town, one of MAC's permanent collection of 'Amplified' lipsticks, is one of the most commonly talked-about MAC products I see on blogspot. Its popularity as a shade inspired both a lip glass and a nail polish to be made to add to the colour collection.
Girl About Town is described by MAC as a "bright blue fuchsia" and the product itself is certainly that: a darkened intense fuchsia with blue undertones (great for making teeth look whiter!). As it is an amplified creme lipstick it is incredibly moisturising (this doesn't stop after the initial period of wearing it) and it glides on very smoothly! The lipstick is vanilla scented - although not strongly, more of a gentle sweet aroma. It is also great for being opaque - I find that one coat gives a highly pigmented and beautifully shiny coat to my lips! The wear for me is around four hours - but it's one I'd definitely reapply to keep my big bold lip! 
I couldn't help but try it out immediately I received it.. and then a little more thereafter (but shh!) so apologies for the used look in the photos!
As its such a popular colour you will find soooo many beauty bloggers/gurus rave about it on the internet! And I'd say that it's most definitely worth the hype! However with such a lip-popping colour as this you need to wear it! hehe. So go forth and be bold and beautiful! You can pick this up at your local MAC counter or online here, for just £14.

Rachael XX

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