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The Body Shop New Winter Trend Makeup | Get The Look

Hello Lovelies!
Yesterday I blogged about The Body Shop's New Winter Trend Makeup which I had the opportunity to try out and create a unique makeup look with for their facebook page using the products. The first post which you can view HERE gave you a sense of the products that I was using, so if you haven't seen it yet please check it out! In this post I'm going to share with you the makeup look I came up with :)

First thing's first, here is a link to the album on The Body Shop UK's facebook page: Rachael's Party Make-up: Get the Look. I'm lucky now to in fact feature in two of their photo albums - having also allowed them to use my blog photos from my post Revisted: The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain Review for their Lovely Lips album. 
The makeup look I went for diverted from the traditional smokey eye look which the Smokey Eye Palette: Smokey Copper which I used is best attributed with. Instead I explored the iconic 1960's makeup of Edie Sedgwick, an American actress, socialite, fashion model and heiress, who unfortunately came to a very sad end. I really love how bold her illustrious makeup style is, so infiltrated some of her attitude into a more classic smokey eye look to create this. 
Guide to Get The Look
 1. Apply your favourite foundation or BB cream, buffing it into your skin with a stippling brush

2. Over your eyelids apply a thin layer of eyeshadow primer, being sure to blend in fully at the edges of your eye:

3. Using the eyeshadow brush provided, sweep shade 1 (from the Smoky Copper palette across your lid:

4. With the same brush, blend shade 3 over the outer third of your lid, working it into the lighter colour:

5. Sharpen the Golden Brown Eye Definer (, and carefully draw a thin line along the top edge of your socket line, going quite far into your inner corner
6. At the outer third of this line, increase the thickness, working in small quick strokes to get the shape, and wing out:
7. Using the angled eyeshadow brush loaded with shade 4, press the eyeshadow onto the pencil line, to set the pencil

8. Take a larger eyeshadow brush or blending brush, and work in the colour to your socketline, blending out and softening the line:
9. At the outer edge of your eye, blend the colour down to the bottom lashline, to create a more smoky effect:
10. Using the angled brush, sweep some colour under the lashes on the bottom outer corner of your eye:
11. Taking shade 2 on the blending brush, lightly blend it above the dark socketline area, 
and use shade 1 as a highlight above this

12. Using a gel or liquid liner, line your top lashes with a thin black line, winging the end:

13. Apply a volumising mascara to the top lashes and outer two thirds of your bottom lashes:
14. Now apply concealer, making sure to cover the area under your eyes to brighten the look

15. Taking the Dazzling Rocks - Golden Copper ( bronzer on a kabuki or blush brush, sweep above your cheekbones

16. Work the colour onto your temples and jawline, centring the colour on your cheekbone; beware of creating shine down the centre of your face!:

17. Add a pink cream or powder blush to the apples of your cheeks, and buff the colour on your cheeks into your foundation

18. Use a setting powder across your face, focusing on your T-zone and under your eyes
19. Fill in your eyebrows, to balance the heaviness of the make-up look
20. Finish the look with The Body Shop Cheek and Lip Stain in 'Bronze Glimmer'  on your lips:

This is definitely a party makeup look rather than a 'throw-on-your-face-before-work' type thing (As one woman commented on the fb photo... (!)) Haha. But I hope you like it, or at least try something new with your makeup and maybe get inspired by Edie Sedgewick's celebrated style :)
...And yes, I'm wearing a primark owl onesie in these photos ;)
Rachael XX

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