Saturday, 18 August 2012

Babysitting, Eyeshadow and Matthew McConaughey

Note: This post consists of both an embarrassing story and another photographed attempt at the 'kitten eye' look :)
I am currently sitting on someone else's couch, 1 hour into an 8 hour shift of babysitting (eek!) with my laptop, a cosmo, and some films for company (The children are at the age and stage of being 'too cool' to speak to their babysitter, weep)
It started off with a blast, when I handed their dad my laptop to connect to their wifi for me, and realised, awkwardly that my desktop background looked like this:
I then actually tried to explain myself, hahaha. Let's just say I'm happy I chose this image over the magic mike poster.. More awkward was that when the wifi window apppeared, all that was visible was from Matthew McConaughey's nipples downwards. Yeh. Well, he told me that he "totally understood" and not to worry

This morning I decided to try out another take on the 'Kitten Eye' look I posted yesterday here. I got so many lovely comments from you all, and I really liked the way it turned out, so I thought I'd see what I could do with alternative colours.
I really like the results! Anything smokey eye style tends to look too heavy on my eyes, so I love that with this style the bottom lid has only a spot of colour in the centre, leaving it a lighter look, yet still highlighting and defining your eye. I feel this is a good basic stencil which you can work around with colours and textures (glitter shadows perhaps!) depending if you're looking for a daytime or nighttime look.

Ooh, so this has taken up half an hour.. 6 and a half hours to go! I think I shall brainstorm some future blog posts and catch up on some blogspot reading! :)
Rachael XX


  1. Hey gorgeous girly!! another amazing look!! :D hope you had a good time babysitting lol! that story with your laptop background is hilarious!! hehe

    Jen xxx

    1. Hi lovely Jen!! Thanks! You leave such nice comments, I feel well loved, hehe. My babysitting saga continues until 10pm! One hour left.. I shall have to create a uni account on my laptop, so I don't have that background appearing when I log onto my laptop in lectures haha!


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