Thursday, 5 July 2012

Nine loves ..

This is the second instalment of the 10 day you challenge, which I am taking part in. Today's topic (as suggested by the handy title of the blog post) is things I love.
1. Chris Hemsworth. Okay. I'm obsessed. I love him so much. I bought 2 posters of him as Thor from the Avengers for my bedroom. Here he is, the man I currently wish to marry!
To clarify, the mouse I mentioned in the Ten Secrets post was not named after Chris Hemsworth, but got its name when I asked my friend Chris what to call it. Really imaginative Chris, well done haha! Chris was a good gender unbiased name however! 
2. History! What I call 'actual history' (As in no Modern History..) Especially tudor history, classical history and mediaeval history
3. I love nature and natural things and the outside.. I'm lucky to have quite a big garden with lots of greenery and trees. I would hate to live somewhere for a long time with no garden or views of hills or the sea or anything! The city-landscape is not my scene. Flowers in the bedroom are essential.
4. Baking! Although it seems that over the years, my abilities in this area have somehow degraded. I used to produce amazingly decorated cakes for friends' birthdays
5. Blogging. I really appreciate all my followers - it is amazing knowing that there are people out there reading my thoughts! Thank you ladies! It's great to have a space where I can speak out and also talk about things like makeup a lot. My best friend is a guy, and my other friends can get bored with this! 
6. Movies! If it's a really good movie, like the original Pirates of the Caribbean, or Films 1 to 3 of Star Wars, or Harry Potter, I get so into it that there is always the sad return to normal life afterwards, once the suspension of disbelief is broken. I own both lightsabers and wands..
7. My cats. Coming home to animals has always been something I've loved, whether cats or dogs (or mouse). Sometimes it's great being around people who can't talk. A cat's life seems so easy!
8. Youtube! I now watch my favourite youtubers instead of watching TV haha! These include Essiebutton, MyHarto, Jim Chapman, Pixiwoo, Tanya Burr, Aushnakilops, Fleur De Force ...and The Slow Mo Guys
9. My friends. I have mentioned some of them on my blog, but really I struggle to survive without them! I am heavily attached to my phone and facebook because I pretty much communicate non stop! And I always have best friends, because a girl needs her besties! I'm happy to say there are a couple of friends I have had almost my whole life! Though this is not to discount the ones I have made along the way *

I appreciated being able to share with you things that I love! If there is anything that you wish to share, leave it in the comments!
And again, I encourage you to take part in this challenge

Rachael Xx

*Note to Beetle: Evan loves her incredible long-lost twin Beetle 
and wishes that Beetle would never ever ever leave.


  1. Hi :) I would actually love to be a cat! They just laze about all day!! It is so easy to be a cat!! Hehe! Yea i love watching Youtubers and lots of the ones you said! I hardly have my tv on any more and just watch it instead!! Haha

    Jen xxx

    1. Hi Jen :) I know! Mine have the conservatory to sunbath in every day too! And they seem to really appreciate the little things in life (a feather, some catnip, their tail..) - so maybe we can learn a thing or two from them! Haha, I now watch Youtube instead of TV and read blogs instead of books and magazines! Whatever shall I do when I go on holiday with no wifi?! I don't know..
      Rach xxx


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