Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Lipcote Review

Today I am reviewing a product I recently impulse bought from Boots: Lipcote Lipstick Sealer
For me, sometimes lipstick just doesn't stay on - especially the more vivid shades which I really want an even lasting coverage with! So I had been looking into lipstick primers, trying to decide whether splurging on one was pointless or not, so when I spotted this product for the cheaper price of £3.69 I immediately decided to give it a go! 
So, what do I think?
The process is as follows: Liner, blot, lippy, blot, lippy, blot, lipcote.
If you have ever read a review of this product before, a common theme is the stinging that you experience when applying it to your lips. I had not read a review, and so this was rather an unexpected surprise!! However, it's not that uncomfortable, you don't really need to 'man up' in order to take the very low level of pain. The stinging is short-lived. It's rather like the feeling of some lip-plumpers which irritate your lips to bring the blood to the surface and make your lips appear bigger. 
I breathed in whilst applying this.. Bad idea! The alcoholic fumes are ridiculously strong! Quite a shock to the system! You have to keep your lips apart whilst it dries, and a little goes a long way. It does dry relatively quickly, and initially you can taste it, but this doesn't last very long.
At first the lipcote coat is noticable on your lips with a tell-tale sheen, however this wears off relatively soon. However, the first time I used this I had put rather a lot of lipcote over my various layers of product, and a couple of hours later the lipstick started peeling off in strips.. Using a very thin coat of Lipcote does preserve the wear of lipstick, and I noticed it working for up to around 6 hours.
So, this all said, if you can handle the taste, the fumes, and the stinging - as well as work out how much to use through trial and error, this product is for you! haha. I will probably use it again..

Rachael Xx

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  1. Where in boots can this be found? This is definitely something I would benefit from. Sounds so strange.. But cool! X

    1. Depends on the boots! I suspect you'll find it amidst brushes and mirrors and eyelashes and special nail varnishes. I found this one on a random shelf haha. If you're up for it then give it a go! Trial and error paid off for me :)
      rach xx

    2. Coolio. I will look for it tomorrow :) x


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