Thursday, 26 July 2012

Neutrogena Multi Defense Wipes Review

This is quite a quick review today! These are the makeup remover wipes I got in my Neutrogena Hamper, and I have been using these over the last few weeks, and just finished off the packet so thought I'd share some thoughts with you! 

Okay, so these wipes are not only for removing makeup, but have anti-oxidants and are meant to gently purify your skin. Well.. I do not feel I got any skin benefit from using these wipes. Infact, after using them my skin felt very oily instead of feeling clean. The wipe itself is very thin cotton, and when using it to remove makeup, this partnered with the oiliness results in makeup smearing around your face for a while (especially eye makeup) instead of coming off easily onto the wipe. Basically, I am not a fan (can you tell haha). I go through a lot of makeup remover wipes, so gave these a shot, but what I usually use and swear by is the Kleenex makeup remover wipes - which in contrast are thicker and quilted, and are both soft on your face and great at taking stuff off! I actually reviewed these ones here
So my advice: Don't invest in these wipes! There are many many brands of makeup remover wipes on the market - why bother yourself with ones which do a poor job and require 'cleaning up' after using them?

Rachael XX
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  1. some nights i'm way too lazy to wash my face, and i've been on the hunt for a good face wipe! (they're so spendy! i don't want to buy a bunch and then i decide that i don't like them and ultimately throw them away!) i'm glad to see that you gave an honest review about these -- i even considered buying these the last time i was at target! glad i didn't :)


    1. Ah, I'm glad too! :) Yes I find it easiest to remove my makeup with a wipe before washing my face, but so far I have found only one really nice one! (by Kleenex oddly enough as I said)Thin makeup wipes like these dry up very easily too. In comparison my kleenex ones can sit out for half a day and still work! Makeup wipes are extooooortionate! haha. This is my first review where I'm haven't liked the product! But I'd prefer to share this with you girls than have you buy bad products :)

      Rachael X

  2. I used to just use facewipes all the time as I was so lazy when it came to taking off my makeup at night! Nowadays, I try to take care of my skin as best as I can, but on those days where I can't be bothered, I have been finding that the Caudalie Eau Demaquillante is a good option - you just pop some onto a cotton pad and swipe it over your face until everything comes off, so much like a face wipe really. Bit pricey, but I tend to find it gets everything off, whereas not all face wipes do.
    Mel x

    1. Hi Mel :) I always have stacks of makeup wipes really for easiness' sake (as I'm often applying my makeup on the bus and do occasionally get knocked!) I've never tried a product like that! I wouldn't be able to use it on the go as such, but maybe something like that would be of use around the house! I do feel makeup wipes don't do very much for your skin. So I haul out the cleansing and facemasks many nights too :)

      Rachael x


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