Sunday, 15 July 2012

Three films ..

Another day from the 10 Day You Challenge - this time focused on films.
These are three of my favourites from my abnormally large dvd collection

 Blue Valentine. Ryan Gosling - enough said. It is based on a true love story, and is a really emotional watch!
The Other Boleyn Girl. I'm a sucker for period movies! And this one is one of the best. Scarlett Johannson and Natalie Portman are two of my favourite actresses, and are both amazing in this rendition of Henry VIII and the beginnings of his split from Catherine of Aragon and the Catholic Church. 
Brightstar. This is such a beautiful movie. It focuses on the poet John Keats from the 19th century in England, and the love of his life, Fanny Brawne. (No sniggering at her name haha!) I always cry at the end! SO EMOTIONAL!

I love rom-coms especially, so if you have any good suggestions leave them in the comments!
Thanks guys
Rachael Xx

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