Thursday, 19 July 2012

I nose a solution for dry skin..

Welcome to my first post with a mildly humorous title. It's probably not even funny, but let's just pretend to appreciate it anyway! Recently I have had the unfortunate luck (is this a phrase? I just don't know) of my nose suddenly turning into dry skin central. It's been so bad that after a week of applying creams like E45 and different facial moisturisers maaaany many times a day nothing was changing and I was getting fed up. One day the only moisturiser I had within reach was the hand cream I had been sent by Neutrogena (I mentioned this in THIS haul) So on it went.
Seriously, hand cream is the way forward for dry skin. It makes sense - as it is for chapped hands it is intended to instantly rehydrate your skin. It is also in a concentrated form - so not as liquidy as most facial moisturisers, letting it have instant results on your skin. Using this moisturiser allows me to still put foundation and concealer on - something I had to skip previously! It is also helping in the long term, as my skin is quickly getting back to normal. Woo

Rachael XX

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