Monday, 16 July 2012

One Photo.. AND I'M BACK!

Hello! (properly)
I'm sorry that my blog has been a bit lifeless of late. And its got a bit jumbled up. It may have fixed itself now though.. Fingers Crossed!

So I have the final part of this challenge: one photo.
I decided to leave it to now and show you my holiday!
Here is me, looking all thoughtful beside the sea. It was a really nice week! Relaxing. No wifi or phone minutes to occupy my time! A lot of sea air. And I was out with my brother in his boat quite a lot. This is a relatively small boat, with me right at the front, and due to the high winds (which happily kept the rain away all week!) the waves were huuuuge and I kept getting soaked!

SO this week there shall be lots to catch up on! Mostly reviews and hauls! I'm excited - I like me a good review! I've collected quite a lot over the past few weeks too!
I also have a LOT of reading to catch up on haha! 
Rachael XX

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  1. hello!! Glad you had a good holiday :D and very good that it didnt rain!!! hehe that pic is great!! really pretty :)

    Jen xxx

    1. Thanks Jen! And I hope you had a good week too! xxx

  2. Love the picture! Looks so relaxing. It's great to be away from your phone & laptop for a short while isn't it! xx

    1. Having some me-time is always good! Although it makes you think how scary it is that we spend so much time on them usually haha! Thank you Jen! XX


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