Sunday, 15 July 2012

Two songs ..

The second last day of the 10 day You challenge! Phew!
Today's one is a bit difficult for me to write about: songs. Not because of some traumatic experience of my past that makes me tear up at the word, but basically, because my music taste is almost non-existent. I listen to the radio (when someone else puts it on..) and a lot of chart music (though I'm still always waaaay behind) and occasionally find an album which I love and listen to solely for a few weeks. My iPod is almost never charged (also, where is but I get round this by singing a lot myself when I'm at home - musicals, theatre songs, Jessie J.

The first is Who You Are by Jessie J. I often refer to her as my soul guru haha! I love the emotion in this song.

The second is one I keep hearing in this Chevy Sonic advert in the cinema. I just discovered the song is Fun - We are Young. I don't think I'd actually heard the start of the song before haha! I love this advert so I'm linking that version!

See you soon!
Rachael Xx

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