Monday, 23 July 2012

Holiday Haul: Yankee, The Granite Shop, Wayoutwest, Fisherman's Mission, Mackies

I have already posted here about the No7 lipstick I picked up on holiday, but I thought I'd share some of the other things I got my hands on when I was away. 

For so long I have heard this and that about Yankee candles. Yet never before have I actually come across them (surprising actually!) Well, on holiday I did, and having smelt every single scent of candle I chose to get two sampler size ones - Black Cherry and Pink Sands. I keep these beside my bed, and they are seriously the nicest smells I have come across. The candles are so heavily scented that even sitting on my bed I can smell them. Sampler sizes cost under £2 each

The Granite Shop:
In The Granite Shop I picked up two tin candle holders. (Perfect for my Yankee candles!) These are really sweet, with a cut out heart pattern. They caught my eye immediately and were each £3.50

Soo I have a thing for tin. And in Wayoutwest I came across this tin - made of actual tin.. And fell in love with it! Oscar Wilde is someone I have heard about but I don't think I've ever read any of his works! However here he is with a motivational message - what more could a girl want on her tin? I'm not sure what I'll eventually put in it. Currently its sitting on my dressing table on its side so that the face is pointing at me. It was only £3.99

Fisherman's Mission:
 To set you straight, Fisherman's Mission is pretty much what it says. This is a charity set up to support the fishermen of the fishing port I visited up North. They sell a lot of second hand books, so in I went and stocked up! I also came across a huge box of old postcards. Most from around the 1920's - from all across the UK and also France. Wow. They sold at £1 each, so I took 4: views of Edinburgh, Ben Nevis, Stirling Castle, and Rhum & Eigg (islands) - all of which mean something to me. 

One day whilst visiting a town, I passed a Mackies which had a sale on. In I went. I picked up these statement necklaces for £3 each (originally £12 each). I have been looking for something like this for ages so it was a good find!

Rachael XX


  1. Pink sands is the best smell ever!!! X

    1. It is, isn't it! I love the scents I chose (almost wrote flavours there - I do wish food smelt this good, I'm not gonna lie) I'm a new Yankee fan - although some of the 'whiter' scents such as fresh towels and cotton are a bit iffy!

  2. I love Yankee Candles :) My sister bought me a massssive black cherry one for my birthday. The little tins you put them in are cute :) xx

    1. Hello! I just found that your comment had been put in my spam box instead of posted! (oops!) So I thought I'd reply now :)
      I am SO SO jealous! I'm sure the more massive the candle, the stronger the scent! I adore these little tins now, I'm so glad I picked them up!
      Rachael xxx

  3. Love the candle holders! My flat mate had pink sands at uni and it was the nicest smell ever x

    1. Pink sands seems so popular! hehe. The great thing is that you can smell them even without lighting them! I am yet to even open the packets infact! The candle holders were what made me search for candles! good call I think haha!
      Thank you for commenting Josie!

      Rachael x


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